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What’s the Best Note-Taking App in 2022 comparing Tiago Forte’s Survey and Paperless Movement®’s?

In the Paperless Movement® , we love conversations about note-taking apps, and so our interest was particularly piqued when we heard about the results from Tiago Forte’s survey about his audiences’ preferred note-taking app.
Tiago has a unique take on the note-taker types, or archetypes, based on the classification created by Anne-Laure Le Cunff. They are:

  • The Architect. They enjoy planning, designing processes and frameworks, and need a note-taking tool that allows them to easily structure their ideas.
  • The Gardener. They enjoy exploring, connecting various thoughts together, and need a note-taking tool that allows them to easily grow their ideas.
  • The Librarian. They enjoy collecting, building a catalogue of resources and need a note-taking tool that allows them to easily retrieve their ideas.
    His theory is when we understand which group we fall into, we’ll know not only which software program to adopt, but also how to use it in a way that complements our own mind.
    The results of his survey were unexpected and intriguing, which led the Team Paperless Movement® to emulate this questionnaire with his audience.

    Two Different Surveys

    The two surveys had the same audience count, so it seemed worth sharing our findings with you all.
    Tiago’s results for top note-taking apps:

  • Notion: 28%
  • Evernote: 22%
  • Obsidian: 16%
  • None: 7%
  • OneNote: 6%
  • Roam: 5%
  • Apple Notes: 3%
  • Craft: 2%
    Paperless Movement®’s results for top note-taking apps:
  • Apple Notes: 16%
  • Paper Notebooks: 15.3%
  • Evernote: 12.9%
  • OneNote: 10.5%
  • Notability: 8.8%
  • GoodNotes: 8%
  • Obsidian: 5.4%
  • E-Ink device, for example, reMarkable: 2.9%

    Going One Step Further

    In the Team Paperless Movement®’s results, you can instantly see there are more handwriting note-taking apps in the list.
    Our Team needed to delve further, so we also asked our audience these questions:
    Do you use more than one Note-Taking app?

  • Yes: 82.6%
  • No: 17.4%
    What other Note-Taking App(s) / Device(s) do you use?
  • Apple Notes: 33.2%
  • Paper Notebooks: 24.3%
  • Evernote: 23.4%
  • OneNote: 18.1%
    As business analysts, knowing our audience is key to statistics. That’s why we went on to ask about their profession.
    The results were to the question What is your profession? were these:
  • Business Professional (Manager, Team Leader, Project manager): 34%
  • Business Professional (CEO, or other C Level): 19.3%
  • Solopreneur / Freelancer: 18.2%
  • Corporate Employee (Team Member, Specialist): 14.7%
  • Educator in University or School: 9.4%
  • Student: 4.3%


    Notion topped the results for Tiago.
    However, this was certainly not the case for the Paperless Movement®’s audience.
    This happens because our audience is radically different.
    Within the Paperless Movement®, we predominantly focus on busy professionals, those who feel overwhelmed by the information firehose, those who want to transform their information into actions: projects, tasks, and to-dos that allow them to achieve their goals.
    That’s why we’ve developed a tool-agnostic ecosystem named ICOR® which is inside the Paperless Movement® Membership, a one-and-only service that covers all your needs to become a better note-taker, more productive, to stay up-to-date with the latest information to perform at a peak level without burning out.
    We won’t stop adding real added value to the world of productivity, being specialized in busy professionals.

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