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Tom & Paco´s beloved tools

Our Tools

Experience the powerful tool stack we use daily as busy professionals.

This tool stack, polished over 30+ years in digital productivity, ensure us (and you) peak performance with consistency and no friction.

Join us in seamless, efficient productivity!

“We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.“

— Marshall McLuhan

Up your productivity game being inspired by our purpose-built tool stack for busy professionals.

Discover the ICOR® Framework, your secret weapon to achieve more, faster.

Below, you’ll find a concise visual of our up-to-the-minute tool stack.

We consistently update it to ensure you stay at the cutting edge of efficiency.

“We consistently invest in robust, future-proof tools designed to be the unwavering backbone of your business operations.”

— Tom Solid

“As the busy professionals we are, we’re confident that our tool stack will inspire you to revolutionize the way you work.”

— Paco Cantero

Utility Apps

These are the additional tools we leverage to boost our core and satellite apps within our productivity system, significantly enhancing our overall efficiency.

Uncover the “WHY” behind each tool in this must-watch video!

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