Your productivity. Your way.

Welcome to ICOR®, a productivity ecosystem
designed and created by business professionals
for business professionals.

Are you dealing with
these problems daily?

This happens because you may not have developed the ability to design and implement a productivity system tailored to your unique needs.

3 layers to build your productivity system in a natural way. Your way.

This is your ultimate purpose: achieve all your goals by seamlessly using the best tools that work for you with zero friction.

To make you succeed, we’ve designed ICOR®.

ICOR® is designed to help you build your own productivity system by leveraging and synthesizing decades of our productivity expertise gained through real-world experience as business professionals.

ICOR® empowers you to create a highly effective productivity system that offers:


Instant access to what you need in seconds.


Laser-like attention on high-priority tasks


Consistent accomplishment of your business goals.


The Power to Thrive in Changing Circumstances.

Layer 1 - ICOR® Methodology

We’ve stripped away academic jargon to distill essential concepts. Our tool-agnostic approach enables you to apply them to  any tool or app available in the market.

Layer 2 - ICOR® Framework

Get a bird’s eye view on your  your current productivity system. End up with the one you need.
No gaps. No redundancies. No Friction.

Layer 3 - ICOR® Tool Stack

Use our ICOR® Tool Finder to optimize your tool stack effortlessly by selecting the specific tools/apps you need for optimal productivity based on ICOR® Tool Specifications.

ICOR® is a 3-layer ecosystem to move you from theory to practice, from chaos to finally being and feeling productive, performing at your best without burning out.

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We’re here to help you easily implement ICOR® in your business and life.

Join our founders Tom and Paco, along with highly experienced productivity enthusiasts, to ask questions, discuss doubts, seek guidance, and improve your productivity skills to build the productivity system of your dreams.

But... this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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