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What Is the Difference Between “Task Management” and “Time Management”?

At the Paperless Movement®, we’ve noticed a lot of people mix up two important concepts: “Time Management” and “Task Management”. It’s an easy mistake to make, especially since these two overlap quite a bit. We believe that understanding these concepts is key to designing and implementing effective workflows with the right tools. Yes, we always […]

How to Perfectly Store a Digital Note in Your Productivity System?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re grappling with the chaos of disorganized notes. I can envision it: notes on your tablet from meetings, random thoughts on your phone, and, dare I say, even an avalanche of sticky notes all over your desktop. And let’s not talk about the aftermath: hunting for that one […]

Why ClickUp is the Go-To Project Management Tool for the Paperless Movement®

At the Paperless Movement®, we position ClickUp as a pivotal tool at the crossroads of BPM and BKM within our ICOR® Framework. Our confidence in ClickUp stems from its unparalleled ability to streamline two crucial areas in any business: Project Management, ACTION, and Knowledge Management, INFORMATION. Using a single tool for both becomes a crucial […]

We Don’t Need a Second Brain. One Is Enough!

Words matter. They show what we really think, and the concepts we have inside our minds. When we use words, we’re really building on our ideas, shaping how we think. Words turn our thoughts into actions and, what we do, in turn, affects how we work and live. The concept of a “Second Brain” essentially […]

Why We Use Heptabase at the Paperless Movement® as Our PKM Core App

At the Paperless Movement®, we’re long-term believers, often committing to tools for years, and using them daily. Our “year-long” approach forces us to rigorously test every tool, looking for strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. This helps us offer genuine feedback, rooted in our experience. So when we endorse a tool, like Heptabase, it’s because […]

Master Inbox Zero Daily: The Unbeatable Workflow I’ve Used for Decades

Email has been around since the dawn of the internet and, despite countless attacks (including many from me), it remains an essential tool for business professionals. As an incredible asynchronous communication method, it offers unparalleled benefits. Inside the ICOR® Framework, email sits at the intersection of Personal Project Management (PPM), Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), and […]

What Is a Productivity System for a Business Professional?

Here, at the Paperless Movement®, we help busy professionals develop their own “productivity system”. You may be wondering: What exactly is a “productivity system”? Why do you need it? What benefits do you get from it? I have spent decades creating productivity systems, not only for myself but also for thousands of individuals and businesses. […]

12 Top GUI/UX Productivity Apps to Work like a Pro

Anyone who knows me even just a little is aware of my passion for productivity apps that boast visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces. But it’s not just about aesthetics; user experience plays a crucial role in how I interact with these tools. There are two main reasons why such apps boost my productivity and results: […]

Turbocharge Your Goal Achievement with “The One” Technique

As a busy business professional, your days are filled with emails, phone calls, meetings, and unforeseen events. This type of shallow work is ubiquitous and can hinder your progress towards your goals, leading to feelings of frustration, unfulfillment, and dissatisfaction. It’s time to face reality and accept this is the nature of your career. Stop […]