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ICOR® Layer 3: the Ultimate Productivity Toolkit for Business Professionals


As a business professional, you have one ultimate goal when it comes to building your productivity system: reaching your goals by using the most effective tools in the most efficient way, without wasting time or energy.

Let’s be honest, you’re fascinated by tools because they’re the key to achieving that ultimate goal.

And that’s completely understandable.

However, you’ve tried countless tools and wound up feeling overwhelmed and even exhausted from constantly chasing the latest app, only to find yourself no closer to your goals.

I’ve been in your shoes, spending countless hours on tools that led me nowhere.

That’s why at Paperless Movement®, we’ve dedicated our time (a ton) and resources (all we have and even more) to find a solution.

And, we’ve done it!

We’ve discovered the perfect solution to address the situation I’ve outlined above.

Let me introduce to you ICOR® Layer 3, the third layer inside the ICOR® ecosystem that allows you to create a customized, highly efficient productivity system with no gaps or redundancies, designed to use as few tools as possible, in the most optimal way.

It may sound too good to be true, but I assure you it’s a reality, and I’ll explain it to you right now.

Let’s dive in!

The Birth of a Life-changing Idea: What Was Our Dream?

Our dream was to develop a solution to enable busy professionals to effortlessly and quickly build their tool stack, guided just by their intuition.

We know discovering the right tools is the ultimate goal for professionals like you.

Indeed, you want to know which tools are necessary to build a productivity system tailored to your needs, allowing you to achieve your goals seamlessly and on autopilot.

You’re after accomplishment, results, outcomes, and success. Period.

And you want all of this without any friction, building a system that operates exactly as your brain does.

It may have started as a dream, but all life-changing solutions begin that way.

Turning Dreams into Reality: The Birth of the ICOR® Framework

At the Paperless Movement®, we’ve invested countless hours, days, months, years, and even decades in search of the ideal solution.

Our intention isn’t to brag or seem arrogant.

We simply want to capture your attention because, if taken seriously, you could achieve the incredible dream I mentioned earlier in just a matter of hours.

Yes, a matter of hours!

We’ve done the hard work for you, developing a straightforward solution that you can begin using right now to identify tool gaps and redundancies in your productivity system.

This solution will help you position any tool and gain the essential bird’s eye view needed to clearly identify your next steps in building a customized productivity system. Your own productivity system. Your way.

It may seem like a basic diagram, even obvious, but reaching this conclusion was no easy feat.

We had an AHA moment when we realized the various worlds and areas within it were not linear.

We want you to experience that same AHA moment because we believe it will be life-changing for you too.

This AHA moment, which we call the “overlapping moment,” is key to addressing the problem that business professionals face when attempting to create their productivity system and tool stack.

They struggle because overlapping is what happens in real life.

We were unaware of this until that moment, and it was based on this concept that we created the solution.

We call it the ICOR® Framework, and I’ll explain what it is and how it works right away!

How the ICOR® Framework Redefines Productivity and Team Collaboration

The ICOR® Framework can be divided into two big areas: “Personal,” represented by the letter “P”, and “Business”, represented by a “B”.

Keep in mind, “Personal” refers to your individual work, not your personal life!

It embodies the concept of working independently, focused at your desk, without interacting with your team.

On the other hand, the “Business” area represents your collaboration with your team.

The ICOR® Framework can also be divided into two other big areas, which represent the two main worlds within ICOR®: “Information” and “Action”.

For those unfamiliar with ICOR® terminology, “Information” corresponds to “Knowledge Management”, represented by the letters “KM”, while “Action” is associated with “Project Management”, symbolized by the letters “PM”.

So, to summarize:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Management

These are the four main areas represented in the ICOR® Framework, and we utilize acronyms and colors for easy identification:

  • Green for PKM (Personal Knowledge Management)
  • Blue for PPM (Personal Project Management)
  • Yellow for BKM (Business Knowledge Management)
  • Red for BPM (Business Project Management)

But the ICOR® Framework goes even deeper, and this is where the true magic begins!

The ICOR® Framework allows us to represent ALL possible combinations between these four main areas, capturing that AHA “overlapping moment” I mentioned earlier.

So, what can you achieve with the ICOR® Framework and its overlapping potential?

Keep reading to find out!

How the ICOR® Framework Uncovers Your Perfect Tool Stack

The ICOR® Framework enables you to visually grasp the overlapping, and that’s crucial.

It’s essential because detecting the overlap is impossible without a graphical tool like the ICOR® Framework.

This is why you struggle to find the right tools.

Not seeing the overlap makes it impossible to select the appropriate tools for your productivity system, leading to poor decisions.

With the ICOR® Framework, you’ll solve all your problems related to building your productivity system and tool stack:

  • By positioning each tool on the diagram, you can better analyze it. The position tells you what you want to use that tool for, immediately determining if that makes sense.
  • You can intuitively compare tools in the same position, clearly identifying their pros and cons by comparing the exact same features thanks to that shared position.
  • You’ll spot redundancies when two or more apps share the same position, revealing why you’ve been using multiple apps for the same purpose.
  • You’ll identify gaps when a position isn’t filled, indicating a crucial feature is not covered. That’s why you suffer many times: you need a key feature none of your apps is taking care of.
  • You’ll identify pointless apps, when you can’t place them within the ICOR® Framework. Those are the moments you ask yourself: “Why the hell do I need this app?”. Yes, you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ultimately, you’ll start building your own productivity system because NOW YOU KNOW your needs, what you’re missing, and how to address them intuitively, an intuition encouraged by the ICOR® Framework.

The ICOR® Framework also helps all our members speak the same language, promoting in-depth conversations about each tool.

These discussions inside our community include sharing the pros and cons, challenges, drawbacks, strengths, and everything else you need to know to save time and create the most effective tool stack you’ve ever had.

And the cherry on top of this? As I said at the beginning: it won’t take you long!

In just a matter of hours, you’ll have completed your ICOR® Framework version 1.

A new work life has just begun!


I encourage you to download our ICOR® Framework template and give it a try.

With it, you’re now stepping into the true productivity game, the one you need, betting on a solution for busy professionals designed by busy professionals.

The ICOR® Framework is a game-changing tool that’ll enable you to excel in the productivity game, leading you to create your own and unique productivity system.

The one you’ve always dreamed of.

The one you truly deserve!


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