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How You Can Use ICOR® to Create a 100%-Tailored Productivity System to Fit Your Unique Needs and Achieve Your Goals


As a fellow busy professional, I understand the burning question on your mind: 

What tools and apps should I use to boost my productivity?

At the Paperless Movement®, we share your goal of achieving maximum productivity, which is why we’re dedicated to solving this elusive question.
We’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of business professionals who share similar struggles.
They feel overwhelmed, lack control over their priorities, suffer from anxiety and stress, and struggle to achieve their big goals due to shallow work.

In their pursuit of a solution, they constantly search for the next big app. Yet, the answer always seems out of reach.

That’s where our solution comes in.
We’ve analyzed the root causes of these problems and developed a simple yet effective solution to help you achieve your productivity goals.
Through our process, we’ve crafted the ultimate answer to the golden question plaguing you.
So, if you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and seeking a solution that actually works, look no further.
At the Paperless Movement®, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate productivity solution tailored to your unique needs.

How Can You Achieve a Goal?

To achieve a goal, you need a clear plan of action.
There are two approaches to consider:

  1. You can either dive in and tackle the necessary tasks head-on, or
  2. You can design a system that streamlines the process for you.
    While the former may seem straightforward, it often results in reinventing the wheel each time you work towards a goal.
    The latter, however, empowers you to grow daily and exponentially, achieving your goals with ease.

At the Paperless Movement®, we firmly believe in the power of systems.

By creating a personalized system tailored to your specific needs, you can take the guesswork out of the equation and focus on what really matters: achieving your goals.
So why reinvent the wheel when you can create a system that propels you forward with maximum efficiency?

How Can You Understand the Problem You’re Facing?

To understand the problem you’re facing, you need to look hard at your “productivity system” (or lack thereof).
The truth is, if you’re like the thousands of other business professionals we’ve worked with, dealing with the problems I’ve previously listed, it’s likely because you don’t really have a Productivity System.
Sorry to be so brutally honest.
That’s how we are at the Paperless Movement®: directto the point, and with no fluff. We’ll always respect your time, and you’ll never waste it.

Your current situation is you’re left with a random assortment of tools that don’t quite make sense and don’t meet your specific needs.

The solution? Building a personalized productivity system that works for you.
That’s exactly what we do at the Paperless Movement®: we build systems. Better said, we help you build the system that’ll change how you work and live.
Our philosophy is simple: “Your productivity. Your way.”
We recognize that our approach may radically differ from what you’ve tried in the past, but that’s precisely why it works. As Albert Einstein once said: 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”    — Albert Einstein

So, if you’re ready to transform your productivity and achieve your goals like never before, it’s time to understand what a productivity system is and how it can benefit you.
Let’s get started!

What Is a Productivity System?

Simply put, a system is a collection of interconnected elements that work together to achieve a specific goal.
At the Paperless Movement®, we firmly believe in the power of systems regarding productivity.

We aim to help you build a customized productivity system that takes the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to achieve your goals effortlessly.

Instead of simply providing you with a list of tools, we focus on helping you create a system that grows and adapts to your needs on a daily basis.
With your personalized productivity system, you can press the start button each day and let the system do the work for you.
The tools you need will emerge naturally, requiring less effort on your part as time goes on.
By creating a productivity system that works for you, you’re no longer a slave to the endless cycle of reinventing the wheel. Instead, you’re in charge and can achieve your goals with greater ease and efficiency.
This is the power of leveraging a productivity system, and it all starts with understanding what it is and how it can benefit you.

Why Do Systems Work?

When you build your productivity system using our ICOR® 3-layer ecosystem, you’ll experience a ton of “aha” moments that clarify what a productivity system, your productivity system, is all about.

At the Paperless Movement®, we believe in systems because they provide the best possible outcomes through positive feedback loops. Each process feeds into the next, resulting in a continuous cycle of growth and improvement.

By understanding what a productivity system is and how to design and build it, you can unlock the full potential of these positive feedback loops and achieve your goals with greater ease and efficiency.
That’s why we’re dedicated to showing you how to build a customized productivity system that works for you and helps you reach your maximum potential.

What Are the Benefits of Building a Productivity System?

The benefits of building a customized productivity system using our ICOR® ecosystem are numerous and significant.

  • In just a matter of weeks, you’ll begin to see a marked improvement in your productivity.
  • Within 1–2 months, you’ll have a system you can rely on, allowing you to experience a newfound sense of control.
  • By the 3–4 month mark, you’ll have transformed the way you work.
  • Within 6 months, you’ll be experiencing the full benefits of positive feedback loops that effortlessly propel your productivity system forward.

    At the Paperless Movement®, we believe in creating tool-agnostic productivity systems that work for you (not the other way around).

    Instead of telling you which apps and software to use, we’ll help you design and build a system tailored to your unique needs and preferences.
    The end result?

  • You’ll have a productivity system that creates leverage for you, meaning less effort will result in more and better outcomes.
  • You’ll feel in control of your work and be able to grow alongside your system, achieving your goals with greater ease and efficiency.

    Why Does Our Approach Work?

    At the Paperless Movement®, we know our approach works because we’ve tested it with thousands of busy professionals like you (and even ourselves).

Have you ever found yourself running out of tasks or wondering why you’re suddenly asking questions you’ve never asked before to let you improve your productivity system?

During one of our 1on1 ICOR® Framework coaching sessions, that’s what one of our members shared. He shared this amazing experience just weeks after implementing the ICOR® ecosystem, ending up with a first version of his ICOR® Framework.
We were thrilled to see firsthand how people can easily move from theory to practice and produce tangible results.
As busy professionals ourselves, we understand the unique challenges you face when it comes to productivity systems.
We’ve always said the same: we’re not academics. That’s why we focus on as little theory as possible. Only the minimum necessary.
We don’t just talk about productivity systems. We have lived and breathed them (for decades), and we’re committed to helping you achieve success with your own customized productivity system.

What Is the Paperless Movement®’s Approach?

Our member felt everything was under control.
He had that peace of mind status business professionals need to perform at their best to unleash the power of their productivity systems.

That’s our approach: helping you to create a customized Productivity System that puts you in control.

By building a system that is tailored to your unique needs and preferences, you can interact with it using your common sense, without the need to memorize or remember complex processes.
We don’t provide a list of software tools and leave you to figure it out on your own.
Instead, our approach is radically different, as it empowers you to build the customized system you need to cover your specific needs, one that constantly moves your projects forward.
Ultimately, that customized system will help you decide what software tools you need to use (and when and how to use them) to achieve the greatest possible outcomes.

What Are the 3 Layers of the Paperless Movement® Approach to Build Your Own Productivity System?

At the Paperless Movement®, we’ve developed a three-layer approach to help you build your own customized productivity system.
The first layer is ICOR® Concepts.
This provides the foundation for your system, with a glossary of terms and a way to understand the processes you need to implement.

By using ICOR®, you’ll gain a concrete understanding of the concepts that drive productivity. Concepts equal those “aha” moments I told you before.

This layer serves as the starting point for leverage because you can apply the same concepts to different tools.
The second layer is ICOR® Workflows.
This layer is designed to help you assess your workflows and recurring processes.
From there, you can redesign your software tool stack using coherence and common sense. Specifically, your own common sense.
The third and final layer is the ICOR® Framework.
It helps you understand the situation of your tool stack and find ways to improve it.
By following these three easy-to-follow layers, you’ll be well on your way to building a Productivity System that works for you.


Systems provide solutions.
At the Paperless Movement®, we believe in systems because we know you’re seeking solutions.
Our approach is not about recommending the latest trendy app or overwhelming you with features.
Instead, we help you build a Productivity System that empowers you to achieve your goals.
By creating a productivity system, you gain numerous advantages:

  1. You bet on leverage. You’re constantly feeding your system to grow thanks to positive feedback loops.
  2. You constantly evolve. A consequence of growing on a daily basis.
  3. You create a solid foundational core of apps. Because now you know why you choose the tools you choose. You achieve the sensation of control you deserve.
  4. You bet on the long term. Time becomes an ally because each day you have a better productivity system.
  5. You run things on autopilot. Just pressing the start button. Because that’s how systems work.
  6. Your software works the way your brain works. Because you’ve made it by yourself. It’s 100% tailored made to fit all your needs.
    Don’t wait any longer!
    Start building your productivity system today!
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