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3 Powerful Automation Approaches to Boost Your Productivity


Automation is often mistakenly thought to be solely about software operating independently.

However, automation extends far beyond just software and computers acting on your behalf.

In this article, we’ll explore three distinct approaches to successful automation.

Approach 1: Running Things on Autopilot

Firstly, there’s what we call “running things on autopilot”.

This approach is about seeing yourself as a system, one that’s shaped by habits and routines, and operates through smooth processes that are intuitively driven.

When you react instinctively in familiar scenarios, you’re leveraging your intuition to streamline your work, making it easier and more efficient.

Approach 2: Software

The second approach is the traditional one: using software to manage background processes.

Nowadays, virtually all software incorporates some kind of automation.

You’ll find multiple examples, including software like Zapier, dedicated predominantly to automation.

Approach 3: AI

Finally, the third and most modern approach to automation is AI (Artificial Intelligence).

AI is revolutionizing how we engage with information and action.

This cutting-edge technology is handling complex processes, freeing up time and energy for what you excel at: thinking.

Last Thoughts

It’s crucial to continually refine your productivity system, creating workflows based on logical, intuitive processes, those you follow just using your common sense.

Understanding you’re a system, your productivity system should mirror how the physical part of your brain operates, ensuring it’s sustainable and effective in the long run.

Strive to build a productivity system that runs on autopilot, reclaiming your most valuable asset: your time.

If you want to dive deeper into automation, take a look at our course “Automation like a Pro!”, where we help busy professionals to automate their productivity system.

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