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Why we removed Mem from our Productivity Tool-Stack


In a recent video by Tom Solid, he delves into the reasons behind the Paperless Movement®’s decision to remove Mem from their tool stack. This comes as a significant update, especially for Busy Professionals who rely on the Paperless Movement® for guidance on Personal Knowledge Management, Task Management, and other productivity systems. Let’s unpack the key takeaways from Tom’s discussion.

Why Mem Was Removed

Tom explains that Mem had been a part of the Paperless Movement® tool stack for over a year. However, recent changes to Mem’s features and interface led to its removal. The update frequency was low, and the public communication about the roadmap was lacking. This created confusion and dissatisfaction among the community, including the Paperless Movement®.

Key Features Missing in Mem

One of the most critical issues was the removal of the task inbox in Mem. As Tom points out, having a task inbox is essential for processing information efficiently. This feature was integral to the Paperless Movement® courses, such as the Personal Knowledge Management Like a Pro Course and Task Management Like a Pro Course, where the concept of “inboxing” is taught as a part of the ICOR® methodology. The absence of a task inbox disrupts the workflow and makes it challenging to manage tasks within the note-taking app, which is contrary to what is taught in the Paperless Movement® courses.

Alternatives and Adaptability

Tom mentions that they have now shifted to using Heptabase for deep thinking and Reader for shallow thinking, both of which are more aligned with the Paperless Movement®’s ICOR® framework. These tools are continually updated, highly polished, and implement what the community is asking for.

Community Discussions and Future Steps

The Paperless Movement® community has been actively discussing these changes. Tom highlights a review about Lazy, another note-taking tool, written by one of the community members, Clayton Miller. While Lazy is not yet a recommended alternative due to performance issues, it’s on the radar.

Final Thoughts

The removal of Mem from the Paperless Movement® tool stack is a significant change but one that aligns with the community’s needs and the ICOR® methodology. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to building a robust Personal Knowledge Management system or mastering Task Management, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership. We’re here to help you adapt to new tools and methodologies, ensuring that you remain a highly effective digital pro.

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