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We only have 1 Meeting a week thanks to ClickUp 3.0

In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid shares insights from a recording of one of their group coaching sessions. The focus of the video is on how the team at Paperless Movement® manages their workflow with only one weekly huddle, using their meeting agenda approach inside ClickUp. This approach has been optimized to the point where only one update meeting per week is necessary, with everything else working seamlessly inside ClickUp.

Weekly Huddle Approach

The Paperless Movement® team has established a weekly huddle system, moving away from daily stand-ups often seen in corporate environments. This has been made possible by using ClickUp as their single source of truth. During the week, if anything needs to be discussed, it’s written down in ClickUp without interrupting each other’s workflow. This ensures that nothing is forgotten, and everything is ready to be discussed in the next Monday huddle.

Priority Management

The team uses a color-coded priority system to quickly decide what to talk about in the next meeting. High priority items, aligned with their business goals, are marked in yellow, while normal priority items, which are just optimizations, are marked in blue. This system allows for efficient decision-making and ensures that the most important topics are addressed first.

ICOR® Course and Membership

Tom Solid also mentions the ICOR® Course and how it teaches the way they set priorities. The ICOR® system is integral to the Paperless Movement® Membership, which offers comprehensive courses about Note-Taking, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Task Management, and Project Management. If you’re a Busy Professional looking to boost your productivity, you can join the Paperless Movement® Membership here.

Converting Information to Action

The video emphasizes the importance of quickly converting information into action. Ideas and discussions are documented in ClickUp, and if they align with the goals for the quarter, they are moved into actionable items in the relevant sections such as marketing and sales. This process ensures that ideas are not lost and that they are transformed into actionable tasks without creating more work inside existing projects.

ClickUp and the Paperless Movement® Membership

Tom Solid concludes the video by inviting viewers to explore more about ClickUp through the various videos available on the Paperless Movement® YouTube channel. For those serious about boosting productivity, especially as a Busy Professional, Tom recommends joining the Paperless Movement® Membership to unleash the full potential of your productivity system.


The video provides valuable insights into the efficient workflow management system adopted by the Paperless Movement®. By utilizing ClickUp as a single source of truth and implementing a well-defined priority system, the team has streamlined their processes to require only one weekly huddle. The Paperless Movement® Membership offers further tools and advice for Busy Professionals looking to enhance their productivity, including courses on Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management. If you’re interested in taking your productivity to the next level, sign up for the Paperless Movement® Membership today.

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