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The Drastic Steps We Took for YOUR Future Success – Yearly Recap 2023


In a recent video by Tom Solid, a comprehensive recap of the year 2023 for the Paperless Movement® was shared, marking significant milestones and changes. This year was pivotal for the Movement, with numerous developments and shifts aimed at enhancing the productivity systems for busy professionals.

The Evolution of the Paperless Movement® in 2023

Tom Solid delved into the journey of the Paperless Movement® over the past year, starting with a look back at 2022. It was a notable year, marked by the joining of co-founder Paco Cantero and the completion of the ICOR® methodology. The launch of the ICOR® Mastery Course was a highlight, significantly aiding members in their productivity journey. Despite the growth in membership, the Movement faced challenges with its membership platform, leading to a switch to Mighty Networks for a more integrated experience.

Refining the ICOR® Framework and Launching New Courses

One of the key focuses of the year was the refinement of the ICOR® framework. This led to the decision to discontinue the IO Tool Finder, prioritizing the provision of unbiased tool recommendations. The emphasis shifted towards teaching members about the ICOR® framework in a tool-agnostic manner. This approach helps members to create their own productive tool stack, understanding the nuances of each tool and how they fit into their workflow.

Introduction of the ICOR® Journey

A significant development in 2023 was the introduction of the ICOR® Journey, consisting of five core courses. These courses cover Digital Note-Taking, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Task Management, Project Management, and Automation. This structure provides a guided path through the ICOR® process, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each aspect of productivity.

New Membership Tiers and Direct Coaching

The Paperless Movement® introduced new membership tiers, including a lifetime tier offering direct coaching from Tom Solid and Paco Cantero. This tier provides an enhanced level of support and access, with one-on-one coaching sessions and access to weekly live Q&A sessions. For those seeking a more community-focused experience, the Inner Circle tier offers a more intimate setting for learning and growth.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, Tom Solid and the Paperless Movement® team are ready to focus on further content creation and refinement of their offerings. The goal is to continue supporting busy professionals in achieving greater productivity and reducing stress and anxiety in their work life.

For busy professionals looking to enhance their productivity systems, the Paperless Movement® Membership offers a wealth of resources and courses. Whether you’re just starting on your paperless journey or looking to refine your existing system, the Membership provides the tools and knowledge you need.

Join the Paperless Movement® Membership today and start your journey towards a more productive and stress-free work life.

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