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Note-Taking Evolved: Why Heptabase beats Evernote, Obsidian, Tana, Scrintal, Milanote…


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid and Paco Cantero explore a new tool called Heptabase that has the potential to revolutionize the way Busy Professionals manage their digital note-taking. The video provides an in-depth walkthrough of Heptabase, highlighting its unique features and how it can replace existing tools like Obsidian, Rome Research, and others.

Heptabase: A Comprehensive Solution

Heptabase is designed to be a comprehensive solution for digital note-taking, capturing, storing, and retrieving information. It combines the best features of existing note-taking apps and synthesizes them into one platform. The team behind Heptabase has carefully examined various tools and extracted the best functionalities to create a tool that stands out in the market.

Utility Apps and the ICOR® Framework

The video also delves into the ICOR® framework, which outlines the 10 tools used at the Paperless Movement®. Utility apps like Apple Notes, Tana, and Miro are discussed, each serving specific use cases. For example, Tana is used by co-founder Paco Cantero for outlining, while Miro is utilized for conceptual work. Heptabase has the potential to replace some of these tools, offering a more streamlined approach.

Heptabase’s Unique Features

Heptabase’s unique features include its ability to develop thinking through visualization, outlining, and long text format. It offers a combination of visual tools like mind maps and whiteboards, along with a rich text editor that allows for easy formatting and highlighting. The integration with tools like Readwise and the ability to embed YouTube videos adds to its appeal.

The Power of Super Tags

Heptabase introduces the concept of “super tags,” which are essentially databases. These super tags allow users to organize their thoughts, goals, and key elements in life. The intuitive navigation and flexibility in moving things around make it a powerful tool for Personal Knowledge Management (PKM).

Integration with Other Tools

The video emphasizes how Heptabase can integrate with other tools like Lazy or Mem, depending on the user’s needs. The combination of Heptabase with these tools can create the perfect setup for Busy Professionals looking to enhance their productivity.

The Future of Heptabase

Heptabase is still a relatively new tool, having launched in 2021. However, its solid foundational core and active development make it a promising platform. The Paperless Movement® sees a bright future for Heptabase and plans to include it as part of their digital note-taking course.


Heptabase represents a significant step forward in the world of digital note-taking and Personal Knowledge Management. Its intuitive design, unique features, and potential to replace existing tools make it a must-try for Busy Professionals. The Paperless Movement® is excited about the possibilities that Heptabase offers and is committed to helping users make the most of this innovative tool.
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