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How to use Chrome Extensions in Arc Browser 2023


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid introduces viewers to the transformative capabilities of the ARC browser, particularly focusing on its compatibility with Chrome extensions. The video is a concise guide to enhancing productivity in the digital space, especially for Busy Professionals who are looking to streamline their workflow.

Chrome Extensions in ARC Browser

Tom Solid explains how the ARC browser allows users to access all their Chrome extensions, just like they would on Chrome itself. He demonstrates how to install and manage these extensions, emphasizing the ease of use. By using simple keyboard shortcuts like command + E and command + T, users can quickly access their desired extensions, such as ClickUp or Calendly.

Enhancing Productivity

The video showcases how the ARC browser can significantly boost productivity. Whether it’s adding a link to a discovery call or managing various extensions, the ARC browser simplifies these tasks. Tom Solid’s demonstration of copying and pasting a link using the Calendly extension is a prime example of how the ARC browser can make daily digital tasks more efficient.

More to Explore

Tom Solid concludes by inviting viewers to explore more about the ARC browser’s capabilities. He mentions a comprehensive deep dive video on ARC, available inside the Paperless Movement® Membership. This membership offers comprehensive courses about Note-Taking, PKM (Personal Knowledge Management), Task Management, and Project Management.


The ARC browser’s compatibility with Chrome extensions offers a new horizon of productivity for Busy Professionals. Its user-friendly interface and efficient functionalities are well-explained in Tom Solid’s video. If you’re looking to become a highly effective digital pro, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership to access in-depth tutorials, tool reviews, and more, tailored to your unique path to success.

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