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How to Master Handwritten Note-Taking in Apple Notes 2023


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid explores the hidden superpowers of Apple Notes, revealing how it can be an essential tool for Busy Professionals. He demonstrates how Apple Notes can be used for quick note-taking, capturing meeting insights, and even building a single source of truth. The video showcases various features that might be unknown to many users, unlocking the full potential of Apple Notes for productivity and business workflows.

Handwriting and Translation Features

Tom Solid demonstrates how the iPad can be used with an Apple Pencil to write notes. By simply double-tapping on the handwritten text, users can select words or entire texts, copy them as converted text, or even translate them into different languages. This feature not only makes note-taking more efficient but also adds a layer of versatility for international communication.

Drawing and Diagramming Capabilities

Apple Notes also offers drawing features that are comparable to other note-taking apps. Users can draw shapes like squares, circles, stars, or even hearts, and by holding the drawn shape, it will automatically correct itself into a perfect geometric figure. This feature allows for easy diagramming or mind mapping, with the ability to create proper arrows and move shapes around.

Inserting Space and Dark Mode

The video also highlights the option to insert space within the notes, allowing users to customize the layout. The dark mode on the iPhone is another interesting feature, where drawn shapes are automatically adjusted to be visible against the dark background.

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