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How to Master Document Scanning in Apple Notes 2023


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid explores the hidden superpowers of Apple Notes, revealing how it can be a versatile tool for Busy Professionals. The video delves into various features of Apple Notes that can enhance productivity and streamline business workflows. Here’s a breakdown of the key insights from the video:

Document Scanning Options

Tom Solid demonstrates how Apple Notes can scan documents, handwritten text, and even invoices using an iPad or iPhone. The scanned documents can be edited, annotated, and shared as PDF files. The search functionality allows users to quickly find scanned documents, making it a powerful tool for managing paperwork digitally.

Live Text Feature in iOS 16

The video highlights the new live text feature in iOS 16, allowing users to highlight and translate text within videos. Although this feature is not yet available on the iPad, it’s already functional on the iPhone. Tom Solid anticipates that searchable videos within notes will be a powerful addition in the future.

Integration with Other Devices

Apple Notes offers seamless integration with other Apple devices. Tom Solid shows how users can quickly add sketches, photos, or voice recordings from an iPad or iPhone directly to a note on a MacBook. This cross-device functionality enhances the convenience of capturing information on the go.

Drag and Drop Functionality

The drag and drop functionality in Apple Notes allows users to easily import various file types, including documents, videos, and more. This feature simplifies the process of organizing and managing content within the app.

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