How Many (Note-Taking) Apps Are Enough?

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In this video, Tom Solid discusses the challenges of using multiple note-taking apps and suggests ways to streamline the process. He advocates for digital minimalism and recommends using as few apps as possible to reduce complexity in managing information. Tom advises assessing the necessity and redundancy of apps and focusing on tools designed for specific use cases. He also introduces the ICOR framework to help users define and optimize their workflows, making it easier to manage information and tasks.

Key takeaways:

  • Use as few apps as possible to minimize complexity in managing information and tasks.
  • Evaluate the necessity of apps and remove redundant or duplicated applications.
  • Choose apps that cater to your profile, work style, and type of work.
  • Focus on optimizing processes and workflows before looking for apps to cover them.
  • Learn about the ICOR framework to help define and optimize your workflows for better information and task management.

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