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How Many (Note-Taking) Apps Are Enough?


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid explores the common dilemma faced by Busy Professionals who are inundated with a plethora of apps, each promising to be the game-changer in managing information and tasks. The video delves into the challenges of digital clutter and offers insightful solutions to streamline the process, making life simpler and more efficient.

The Problem with Too Many Apps

The video begins by addressing the overwhelming number of apps that many of us have installed on our devices. These apps often promise to change our lives, but they end up creating more confusion and scattered information. Tom Solid emphasizes the importance of digital minimalism and offers practical advice on how to evaluate the necessity of each app.

How Many Apps Should You Use?

The answer is as few as possible. Tom Solid suggests inspecting all the apps and asking two simple questions:

  • Do I really need this app? If there’s hesitation, remove it.
  • Can I do this process with another app I already have? If so, remove it.
    By identifying redundant applications and keeping only those that serve a unique purpose, you can reduce the number of apps and the amount of scattered information, leading to a more relaxed and organized digital life.

    Choosing the Right App

    Selecting the best app for your needs requires careful consideration. Tom Solid advises paying attention to whom the app has been designed for and doing some research, such as reading testimonials and watching reviews. This can save hours of headache and prevent the addition of a useless or redundant app.

    Creating a Process for App Selection

    An optimized process can reduce the number of apps immediately. Tom Solid introduces a framework called ICOR® (Input, Control, Output, Refine) that allows you to quickly move from information to action. By thinking in processes and optimizing them, you can stay in control of your information and tasks.

    Conclusion and Solution

    The video concludes with a recap of the key points and emphasizes the importance of reducing the number of apps, choosing those that align with your work style, and thinking in processes. Tom Solid’s insights are not just about app selection but about improving life through better Personal Knowledge Management and Task Management.
    If you’re looking to take the first step in improving your life through better information and Task Management, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership that teaches productivity end-to-end with comprehensive courses about Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management. It’s a fantastic opportunity to become a highly effective digital pro.

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