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How does the Arc Browser fit into YOUR productivity system?


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid explores the integration of Arc into the ICOR® framework. The ICOR® framework is a template that helps users lay out their productivity setup with various tools, and in this video, Tom focuses on how Arc fits into this structure.

Understanding the ICOR® Framework

The ICOR® framework consists of different areas such as personal Knowledge Management, business Knowledge Management, business project management, and personal project management. Tom explains the difference between satellite apps and core apps within this framework. Satellite apps can be easily removed without interrupting the productivity system, while core apps are fundamental to the system.

Positioning Arc in the ICOR® Framework

Tom identifies Arc as a satellite app, meaning it enhances the workflow but is not fundamental to the business. He places Arc between personal Knowledge Management and business Knowledge Management, as it enhances both personal and business aspects of his life. Whether for personal research or business navigation, Arc allows for efficient navigation through tabs and online research.

Embracing Browser-Based Tools

Tom also emphasizes the shift towards browser-based tools, such as Slack, ClickUp, and Miro, instead of installing native apps. The ease of switching between tools and utilizing split views in the browser makes this approach more appealing.

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