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Heptabase Vs. Obsidian | Which is Best For Note-taking And Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)?


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid explores the intriguing question: Is Heptabase really better than Obsidian? The video dives deep into the world of note-taking tools, comparing two popular platforms, Heptabase and Obsidian, through the lens of the ICOR® methodology.

Heptabase vs. Obsidian: An Unbiased Comparison

The video begins by emphasizing that the Paperless Movement® is not about championing one tool over the other. Instead, it’s about exploring what works best for your specific needs. The comparison is guided by the ICOR® methodology, and the video is brought to you by the fantastic Paperless Movement® membership members.

Deep Thinking Process: Heptabase’s Map Feature vs. Obsidian’s Canvases

Tom Solid focuses on Heptabase’s map feature for deep thinking versus Obsidian’s canvases used for the same purpose. The comparison is kept purely native inside Obsidian, without third-party plugins, to provide pragmatic solutions for Busy Professionals who may not have time to fiddle with plugins and themes.

Digital Note-Taking Like a Pro Course

Curious about what all this means? You’ll find all the answers inside the Digital Note-Taking like a Pro Course. This course takes a tool-agnostic approach, guiding you through the note-taking jungle, promising a crystal clear understanding of how to capture and retrieve information like a pro.

Heptabase’s Advantages

Heptabase’s advantages include a polished UI/UX, easy integration with different nodes, and a unique way to layout information. It offers features like mind maps, color customization, and a more advanced tagging system. The video also highlights the ease of adding content like images, videos, and PDFs to Heptabase.

Obsidian’s Advantages

Obsidian, on the other hand, offers a frictionless way to add new information to the canvas. It allows easy drag-and-drop functionality for images, videos, and files. The video appreciates Obsidian’s snapping into place, easy positioning, and grouping features. It also introduces the new properties feature in Obsidian, including aliases and tags.

Upcoming Course on Heptabase and the My Life System

The video concludes with a teaser about an upcoming course on Heptabase and the My Life System. If you’re interested in building up your My Life System inside Heptabase, stay tuned for this exciting course.

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