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Full Paperless Movement® Membership Tour 2023


In a recent video, Tom Solid takes us on an in-depth tour of what the Paperless Movement® Membership offers. The video serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the various features, courses, and community aspects that make this membership invaluable for Busy Professionals looking to maximize their productivity.

Community and Real-Time Support

The Paperless Movement® Membership is not just about courses; it’s a thriving community. Members can engage in meaningful discussions, share their needs, and ask questions. Tom Solid and Paco Cantero are actively involved, providing personalized responses. The community also benefits from weekly AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions), where Tom and Paco go live to answer questions that have accumulated over the week. These sessions are recorded and easily searchable, making it a valuable resource for members.

ICOR® Mastery Course

The ICOR® Mastery Course is the backbone of the membership. It consists of 20 lessons that provide a bird’s-eye view of a productivity system end-to-end. The course is divided into three layers: Concepts, Workflows, and Implementation. While Concepts and Workflows are tool-agnostic, the Implementation part is tool-specific. The course is highly focused and to the point, requiring just 90 minutes to give you a much better understanding of your productivity system. For those interested in diving deeper, the course also offers bonus content and articles. ICOR® Mastery Course

Personal and Business Knowledge Management

The ICOR® framework is divided into four sections: Business Knowledge Management, Business Project Management, Personal Project Management, and Personal Knowledge Management. Members can list out the tools they use in these categories, providing clarity and helping identify redundant or missing tools. This framework is the key to unlocking one-on-one coaching sessions with Tom and Paco, where they discuss your tool stack and workflows in detail.

Specialized Courses

The membership offers specialized courses like Digital Note-Taking Like a Pro and the newly released Personal Knowledge Management Like a Pro. These courses are designed to be highly efficient, focusing on the needs of Busy Professionals. They cover everything from the basics of note-taking to advanced Personal Knowledge Management strategies. Personal Knowledge Management Like a Pro Course

Upcoming Additions

The Task Management Like a Pro and Project Management Like a Pro courses are in the pipeline and will be added to the membership soon. The best part? These will be available at no extra cost to existing members.

Your Productivity, Your Way

The Paperless Movement® Membership is continuously updated, and once you join, your subscription price is locked in, no matter how many new features or courses are added. The aim is to guide each member in applying the ICOR® framework to their unique work situations.

Ready to create your dream productivity system? One that makes your work a joy every day? Join the Paperless Movement® Membership today. We’re waiting just for you. Your productivity, your way.

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