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Best Productivity Tools for Busy Professionals in 2024?!


In a recent video by Tom Solid, took a deep dive into the productivity tool stack of 2024, used and recommended by the Paperless Movement®. Tom begins by cautioning against the blind adoption of tools or setups from others. The focus of the Paperless Movement® is to assist busy professionals in tailoring their perfect tool stack to suit both their business and personal work life.

Understanding the Core and Satellite Apps

Tom Solid elaborates on the classification of apps into core, satellite, and utility categories. Core apps, like ClickUp and Google Drive, are integral to the Paperless Movement®’s productivity system, and removing them could jeopardize business operations. Satellite apps, such as Superhuman and Wimal, enhance core applications like Gmail and Google Calendar, respectively. Utility apps like Apple Notes serve specific purposes but are not central to the productivity system.

The ICOR® Framework

Central to understanding the tool stack is the ICOR® Framework, divided into four parts: business, personal, information, and action. This framework helps in categorizing tools into areas like Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Business Knowledge Management (BKM), Personal Project Management (PPM), and Business Project Management (BPM). Tom Solid stresses the importance of differentiating between personal and business tools, even for solopreneurs, to scale businesses effectively.

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

In the PKM area, tools like Heptabase, Tana, and Readwise’s Reader app are used. Heptabase serves as a deep thinking tool, while Tana and Reader are categorized as shallow thinking applications. This distinction helps in efficiently organizing and retrieving information.

Business Knowledge Management (BKM) and Project Management

For BKM, tools like Google Drive and Dropbox are essential. ClickUp, being a versatile tool, finds its place in both the BPM and BKM categories, streamlining team collaboration and project management.

Satellite and Utility Apps

Tom Solid also discusses the role of Satellite and Utility apps in enhancing the core productivity system. These apps, like Superhuman for Gmail and Raycast for Mac, provide additional functionalities but are not crucial to the core operations.

Next steps

Join the Paperless Movement® Membership for a comprehensive understanding of your own productivity tools, covering Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management. To learn more and join, visit Paperless Movement® Membership.

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