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Best AI Note-Taking Combo for Meeting Notes | MeetGeek + Mem


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid explores the fascinating world of automatic digital note-taking. He delves into the effectiveness of AI note-taking tools, focusing on a specific tool called MeetGeek that has proven to be highly efficient and practical for the Paperless Movement® team.

MeetGeek: A Comprehensive Overview

MeetGeek stands out among other AI note-taking tools for its ability to create coherent summaries and allow users to jump to specific parts inside a video. Tom Solid demonstrates how MeetGeek works with real case scenarios, emphasizing its daily use in meetings within the Paperless Movement®.

Integration with Personal Knowledge Management System

Tom Solid further showcases how he has integrated MeetGeek with Mem using Sapia to feed his Personal Knowledge Management System with all the meeting minutes. This integration enables him to ask Mem about any meeting, and it will find the relevant information. This innovative approach ensures that no valuable information is lost and that it can be easily retrieved when needed.

Features and Functionality

MeetGeek’s features are explored in detail, including its ability to recognize concerns and tasks, summarize key takeaways, and share specific parts of a video. The tool also allows for branding on a Pro Plan, making it look like your company. Its search functionality, integration with Google Calendar, and compatibility with various conference call platforms make it a versatile tool for Busy Professionals.

Integration with Mem

The video also highlights the integration of MeetGeek with Mem, a Personal Knowledge Management tool. Through this integration, summaries from MeetGeek are picked up by Sapia and sent into Mem, where they become part of the user’s personal knowledge base. This allows users to leverage a chatbot to find information that would otherwise be lost.

Special Offer for Paperless Movement® Members

The Paperless Movement® has made MeetGeek a verified partner, offering a deep dive into the tool within the Paperless Movement® Membership. Members can learn how to set up and use MeetGeek in various use cases and enjoy a special discount of three months with 30% off.


Tom Solid’s exploration of MeetGeek offers a compelling look at the future of note-taking. Its integration with Personal Knowledge Management systems and its various features make it a must-have tool for Busy Professionals looking to streamline their workflow.
If you find this tool useful and want to learn more about how to implement it in your daily routine, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership that teaches productivity end-to-end with comprehensive courses about Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management.

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