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Automate your Workflows the EASY way – Bardeen Deep Dive with Renat Gabitov


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Renat Gabitov provides a comprehensive deep dive into Bardeen, a powerful tool that serves as an alternative to Zapier for automating tasks and connecting different tools. The video explores the various features of Bardeen, including its ability to scrape websites, build AI automations, and how it relates to the ICOR® framework. Here’s a detailed look at what was covered:

Bardeen Overview

Bardeen is a browser extension that allows users to automate manual workflows. It comes with hundreds of pre-built automations, known as “Playbooks,” that can be triggered with a single click. Users can also create custom automations, known as “Audiobooks,” that run periodically based on specific triggers or schedules.

AI Automations

One of the standout features of Bardeen is its ability to create automations using artificial intelligence. Users can simply type what they want to be done, and Bardeen will build the entire automation. This includes sophisticated automations that can scrape information from the web, making data collection easier and more efficient.

ICOR® Framework Integration

The video also delves into how Bardeen fits within the ICOR® framework (Input, Control, Output, Refine). Here’s how Bardeen aligns with each component:


Bardeen offers automations that allow users to capture information from the external world and save it to databases like Notion. This includes scraping data from web pages, such as LinkedIn profiles, and saving it to Google Sheets.


Control is about deciding what to do with the captured information. Bardeen gives users full control over their data, allowing them to export, transfer, and manipulate information across different apps.


Output involves producing something valuable. Bardeen enables users to automate workflows or participate in “human in the loop” types of automation. An example provided in the video is creating a Google Calendar meeting with a Zoom link and sending an email reminder.


Refinement is about optimizing or automating a process. Bardeen allows users to optimize their workflows by adding actions like SMS reminders and scheduling automations to run at specific times.


Bardeen offers a robust solution for Busy Professionals looking to automate tasks and streamline their workflows. Its integration with the ICOR® framework, AI-driven automations, and data scraping capabilities make it a valuable tool for enhancing productivity.
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