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AI Release Superhuman

In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid introduces viewers to the latest features of Superhuman, an email management tool that has become an integral part of the Paperless Movement®’s workflow. The video focuses on Superhuman’s new AI implementation and how it can enhance Email Management, particularly for Busy Professionals.

Superhuman’s AI Insights

Superhuman’s AI insights are designed to help users quickly navigate their email inbox. Tom Solid demonstrates how the AI can be accessed using simple commands, allowing users to draft emails, summarize conversations, and even rewrite emails in their own voice. The AI’s ability to shorten, lengthen, simplify, and fix spelling and grammar in emails is also showcased.

AI Integration with Superhuman

The AI integration with Superhuman is not just about drafting emails; it also provides context to email conversations. By summarizing lengthy emails and conversations, it saves time and effort for the user. Tom Solid also explores the AI’s potential for deeper integration, such as listing all conversations from a specific person or showing all relevant emails about a particular topic.

Superhuman’s Future Prospects

Tom Solid expresses confidence in Superhuman’s future developments, mentioning the recent Salesforce integration and hoping that the tool will continue to add more features without overcomplicating its interface. He emphasizes the importance of keeping Superhuman simple and accessible.

Email Management Course

For those serious about achieving “inbox zero” daily, Tom Solid highly recommends the Email Management Course offered by the Paperless Movement®. The course includes agnostic concepts and workflows to reach inbox zero with any email provider, along with a 30-minute implementation part that shows exactly how Superhuman is used at the Paperless Movement® to achieve inbox zero quickly. There’s even an emergency lesson for those feeling overwhelmed by hundreds of unread emails.


Superhuman’s AI integration is a promising addition to an already powerful Email Management tool. It offers Busy Professionals a way to streamline their email workflow, saving time and effort. For those interested in taking their Email Management to the next level, the Paperless Movement® offers comprehensive courses and support. Join the Paperless Movement® Membership today and become a part of a community dedicated to helping you succeed in your paperless journey.

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