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In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid engages in an insightful conversation with Ria, a former full-stack web developer who recently started a video game development company. The discussion revolves around Ria’s journey from having no knowledge of management to optimizing her productivity system using the ICOR® framework. The video provides a detailed look into the challenges and solutions Ria encountered, offering valuable insights for Busy Professionals looking to enhance their productivity.

Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

Ria’s transition from a corporate environment to entrepreneurship brought new challenges. She found herself overwhelmed by buzzwords like “agile” and “sprint” and struggled to manage the vast amount of tasks and information. Working with creatives, in addition to developers, added complexity to her situation. She realized the need to streamline and manage her workflow, which led her to discover the Paperless Movement® and the ICOR® course.

Embracing the ICOR® Framework

The ICOR® framework helped Ria think in terms of Information and Action, allowing her to divide and manage her tasks more effectively. She went through the ICOR® Mastery Course step by step, taking detailed notes and learning to cut down on unnecessary information that caused clutter in her systems. The course helped her break down goals, projects, tasks, and to-do’s, making her daily routine more manageable.

The Revelation of the ICOR® Framework

Starting with the ICOR® framework was initially a lot of work for Ria, as she had to figure out where her information was scattered across various apps. However, the process was straightforward, and she managed to organize her information effectively. The video showcases her progress, highlighting the significant jump from chaos to organization. Ria’s transformation emphasizes the life-changing impact of the ICOR® framework.

The Importance of Analyzing and Organizing

The video emphasizes the importance of stopping and analyzing one’s life to understand the mess that can occur when not paying attention to where information is stored and how projects are managed. By writing things down in the ICOR® framework, Ria was able to understand her starting point and realize the duplication and disorganization in her system. This realization was a crucial step in solving her situation.


Tom Solid’s conversation with Ria offers a compelling look into the real-world application of the ICOR® framework. It serves as an inspiring example for Busy Professionals seeking to optimize their productivity systems. If you’re struggling with managing information, tasks, or projects, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership that teaches productivity end-to-end with comprehensive courses about Note-Taking, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Task Management, and Project Management. The Paperless Movement® provides the tools and guidance needed to become a highly effective digital pro.

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