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Interview with Julien Quintard from Routine


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In a recent episode of the “Productivity like a Pro” podcast, Tom Solid explored the world of productivity tools with his guest, Julian Quintard, the founder and CEO of Routine. They discussed the challenges and innovations in productivity software, with a focus on Routine’s unique approach.

Julian Quintard’s Background and the Genesis of Routine

Julian shared his journey from an engineer specializing in decentralized data systems to becoming an entrepreneur and investor. His experience in data systems laid the foundation for his venture into productivity tools. He created Routine to integrate task management, note-taking, calendar, and contact management into one seamless experience.

The Distinctive Approach of Routine

Routine aims to be an all-encompassing platform, integrating various productivity tasks into one tool. Julian emphasized his frustration with existing disjointed tools and sought to create a tool that bridges these gaps, offering a comprehensive solution.

Tackling the Challenges of Building a Versatile Productivity Tool

Julian discussed the challenges of competing with specialized tools and the importance of balancing specialized features with general utility. He highlighted the need for a tool-agnostic approach for busy professionals, focusing on quick information retrieval and efficient task management.

The Business Model and Target Audience of Routine

Routine targets busy professionals and aims to cater to both personal and team productivity needs. Julian stressed the importance of a sustainable business model in a market accustomed to free tools and the challenge of balancing user needs with financial viability.

The Future of Routine: Customization and Data Visualization

Routine plans to introduce advanced customization and data visualization features in 2024. These features will cater to diverse workflows and allow users to adapt the tool to their specific needs. Julian’s vision is to make Routine a powerful platform for both personal and collaborative productivity, leveraging data-driven decision-making.

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