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Best Note-Taking & PKM tools for Busy Professionals – ICOR® Expert discussion with Marcel Ruettgers


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In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Marcel Rutgers, a consultant from Mr. Consulting, joined the “Productivity like a Pro” podcast. Marcel, who specializes in aiding freelancers and small businesses, delved into how he assists them in optimizing their customer journey and maximizing revenue through effective process management.

Understanding Marcel’s Consulting Services

Marcel’s approach involves an initial audit to tailor-make solutions for his clients. He emphasizes the importance of organizing cluttered information and integrating it into coherent systems. His focus ranges from lead generation to sales funnel management and creating efficient referral systems. He also assists clients in implementing tools and processes for better productivity, recommending tool-agnostic solutions like Notion or ClickUp, depending on individual needs.

The Process of Providing Consulting Services

Marcel’s service is usually completed within a week per client, but some may require longer engagements. He emphasizes follow-up appointments to ensure clients adhere to new processes. This approach, he believes, adds value and aids in building long-term relationships and effective referral systems.

Marcel’s Journey from Corporate to Consulting

Marcel shared his transition from a 20-year corporate career to consulting. His experience in various roles and countries provided him with insights that he now applies to help smaller businesses and freelancers. He finds satisfaction in seeing immediate results and impact through his work with smaller entities.

The Impact of the Paperless Movement on Marcel’s Work

Marcel credits the Paperless Movement® for significantly improving his productivity approach. He values the simplicity and coherency of the ICOR® framework and its tool-agnostic nature, which he applies in his work. This framework has enabled him to distinguish between information and action effectively.

Exploring Productivity Tools: Tana and Reflect

Marcel discussed his experiences with Tana and Reflect, highlighting the importance of choosing tools that align with one’s workflow. While Tana offers great potential, he finds Reflect more suited to his needs due to its simplicity and GPT-4 integration for improving writing and task management.

Discussion on Hetabase and its Usage

Marcel also explored Hetabase, appreciating its development but noting that it isn’t fully aligned with his needs yet. He suggests that AI integration could enhance Hetabase’s utility.

The Shift in Perspectives and Tool Usage

Marcel and the podcast hosts discussed the importance of choosing the right tools for specific tasks, whether for deep or shallow thinking. They emphasized that the tool should aid productivity, not hinder it.

For those interested in connecting with Marcel, he is active on his website,, and on X (@ruttgers83). He shares insights, workflows, and templates that reflect his expertise in productivity and consulting.

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