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Paperless Movement®
Partner Policy

The following applies to companies and persons (experts) who passed the partner verification process.

Official Paperless Movement® Verified Partner Badge

A Paperless Movement® Partner Company or Expert is eligible to place the Official Paperless Movement® Verified Partner Badge on their site, linking to this address.

Community Access

You’re eligible to join for free our private online community within the Paperless Movement® Membership with the sole purpose of helping our members to unleash the full potential of their Productivity Systems, offering them solutions based on your products, services, or knowledge.

  • Don’t share any content that might expose or reveal our members on external platforms or via email or other communication methods.
  • Please don’t post external links for the sole purpose of marketing or sales. We want all posts to provide value to the community.
  • You can use references to support your statements or internal links that are found in the private community, such as your Paperless Movement® Partner page, blog posts, discount page, etc. However, time-limited promotions need to be specifically approved by Team Paperless Movement®.
  • We encourage public discussions and |kindly request that direct messaging not be used.
  • If you don’t follow these guidelines, it could result in your Paperless Movement® Partner Verification status being revoked.



We hope these guidelines help you understand how to contribute to our community in a positive and supportive way. Thank you for being a part of Paperless Movement®!