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ClickUp 3.0 like a Pro!

Unlock the full power of ClickUp: Simplify complex projects and amplify your team’s potential! We’ve demystified ClickUp, distilling its essence into a streamlined learning experience.

What you’ll achieve

ClickUp like a Pro!

Master the PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) tool that revolutionized the Paperless Movement® with its visionary approach.
Their immediate aim? To craft the world’s best thinking tool.
Their ultimate vision? To build a contextualized knowledge internet.

What you’ll achieve
Layer 1


Our course isn’t a parade of every ClickUp feature under the sun. Instead, we’ve chiseled down to the core essentials, transforming ClickUp’s complexity into a playground of simplicity.

Precision-Filtered Features

Our course spotlights features that pack the most punch in daily operations, leaving out the fluff and distraction.

Simplified Learning Curve

Forget the labyrinth of endless features. Our approach puts you on a straight path to proficiency by focusing on easy-to-implement features that provide immediate impact.

Maximum Impact, Minimum Chaos

Our selective approach is designed for one thing: tangible results. We teach you to stabilize the pillars holding up your projects, ensuring they don’t crumble amidst chaos. This is project and knowledge management at its best.

Layer 2


Our workflows are specifically designed to transform the way you manage projects, communicate within teams, and bring innovative ideas to life.

Agenda Meeting

Strategic planning, setting up aligned goals, and ensuring every team member is on the same page.


Achieve milestones, complete workstreams, and implement innovative ideas, turning visions into realities.

Knowledge Management

Leverage ClickUp for information consolidation, knowledge sharing, transparency, and team synergy.

Layer 3


  • Dive into the heart of ClickUp with our hands-on implementation layer, where theory meets practice.


  • Explore our refined, real-world setup, honed through daily use for years, and bypass common pitfalls with our expert insights.


  • You’re not just learning; you’re getting a behind-the-scenes pass to efficient, strategic concept and workflow mastery on ClickUp you can easily apply on a daily basis thanks to the ClickUp ICOR® template.
Listen to our members
“It’s been a huge, huge benefit to my life, both personally and professionally. ICOR® helped me to triple my productivity by subtracting the unnecessary. Within a three week period I’ve been able to free up five to seven hours a week."

J.D. Dunn
Financial Planner Practitioner

“The ICOR® Framework has been a game-changer. It gave me the perspective I needed to really understand where my tools fit into my business workflows."

Dan Skiendziel
Financial Systems Consultant & Project Manager

“I was overwhelmed trying to do more than there were hours in the day. But ICOR® not only taught me to break down goals and tasks effectively, but it also revealed the scattered state of my information across apps, kickstarting my journey towards streamlined productivity"

Rhea Manuel
Game Development Company Owner

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