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What Is a Productivity System for a Business Professional?


Here, at the Paperless Movement®, we help busy professionals develop their own “productivity system”.

You may be wondering:

  • What exactly is a “productivity system”?
  • Why do you need it?
  • What benefits do you get from it?

I have spent decades creating productivity systems, not only for myself but also for thousands of individuals and businesses.

To truly grasp the profound impact designing and implementing a productivity system can have on your work and life, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of the basic concepts.

Knowing your desired destination is key to reaching it.

With this article, I aim to guide you on the journey and reveal the ultimate goal.

Let’s jump in!

What Is “Productivity”?

Let’s begin by defining the term “productivity.”

“Productivity is a measure of efficiency and effectiveness in achieving goals or producing goods and services.”

While this definition has merit, I believe it’s incomplete or needs further clarification to understand your ultimate goal better.

To me, “true productivity” is achieved when I accomplish my goals without compromising my well-being. I mean, without suffering.

The term “efficiency” doesn’t emphasize the critical aspect of avoiding burnout.

I emphasize this because I experienced burnout decades ago, focusing solely on “effectiveness” while neglecting my emotional health.

Suffering can significantly hinder performance, ultimately affecting the “effectiveness” aspect of the definition.

Moreover, it can damage both your work and personal life.

That’s why it’s crucial to take the “without suffering” aspect of my statement seriously.

In summary, “productivity is about achieving your goals without burning out”.

The question now is: how do you attain that?

Let’s continue exploring this step by step.

What Is a “System”?

The term “system” is the second part of the equation.

There are two approaches to achieving your goal:

  1. List all the necessary steps or stages and work through them until you reach your goal.
  2. Design and implement a system that effortlessly guides you towards your goal.

It took me years to grasp the concept of the “system approach.”

While it may not be immediately apparent, this approach is the only one that truly takes care of your well-being, honoring the crucial “without suffering” aspect of productivity.

Interestingly, the standard definition of a system supports this idea:

“A system is a set of interconnected components or parts working together to achieve a specific goal.”

Notice how “achieving a goal” is an integral part of the definition.

Now that we’ve clearly defined both terms in the phrase “productivity system,” let’s explore why this is what you need to truly be productive.

Why Do You Need a “Productivity System”?

To summarize and provide a clear understanding of what a “productivity system” is and why it’s the solution business professionals have been seeking to enhance their work and, as a result, their lives, let’s put everything together.

“A productivity system is a set of components that work together to achieve your goals without suffering.”

So, what are the benefits of creating your own productivity system?

  1. It ensures you’ll achieve your goals, as that is inherent in the definition of a system.
  2. It prevents burnout by eliminating suffering.
  3. It optimizes your work processes, allowing you to know what to do at any given moment effortlessly.
  4. It enables you to maximize leverage, producing more with less effort.


By using a productivity system, you’ll work optimally because:

  1. You’ll always know what to do next.
  2. You’ll effectively manage the “information fire hose” you face daily.
  3. You’ll maintain a positive mindset, avoiding negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, frustration, or guilt.

As a busy professional, a productivity system is essential for your work and personal success.

It provides the sense of control required to perform consistently at your best, maintaining peak performance in the long run.

I understand your needs as a fellow business professional because I once faced the same challenges.

The moment I developed my own productivity system, my work and life transformed completely.

Creating a productivity system is a rewarding journey that fosters professional and personal growth.

Ultimately, that’s what you desire: to grow without suffering.

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