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What is the best note-taking app?


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid addresses a common concern that arises on social media: the question of “What is the best note-taking app?” and the often misguided and context-less answers that follow. He emphasizes that the question is frequently asked without considering the specific needs and purposes of the individual, leading to recommendations that may not suit the person’s unique requirements.

The Problem with Asking “What’s the Best Note-Taking App?”

Tom Solid highlights two main issues with this question. First, it’s often asked without context. Are the notes for personal or business use? Will they be shared with a team or client? Is the goal to gain personal insights or create a broader knowledge base? Without this information, it’s nearly impossible to recommend the right app.
Second, the answers on social media are often based on personal preferences, popular trends, or even replies from tool companies claiming to have the best solution. These responses don’t consider the individual’s specific needs, leading to recommendations that may not be the best fit.

The Mission of the Paperless Movement®

Tom Solid founded the Paperless Movement® to help people and businesses understand their unique needs in digital productivity. He believes that finding the right tools requires more than a single-word answer. It requires a comprehensive understanding of what the individual or business needs to make their digital productivity setup highly effective.

The Solution: ICOR® Mastery Program

For those serious about enhancing their digital productivity system, the ICOR® Mastery Program offers a tool-agnostic way to become more productive. It’s not about finding the most popular app but finding the right tools that align with your specific needs.

A Call to Action for Busy Professionals

If you’re a busy professional looking to level up your overall digital productivity system end-to-end, the Paperless Movement® Membership is designed for you. With comprehensive courses about Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management, you can learn how to become a highly effective digital pro. Join the Paperless Movement® Membership today and take control of your productivity, your way.

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