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Ultimate Productivity Tool combination for business professionals 2023


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid introduces viewers to the ultimate productivity toolkit, a collection of 10 essential tools that have been tested and refined over decades in corporate environments and running multiple businesses. These tools are designed to help Busy Professionals overcome the challenges of scattered information, countless apps, and the constant struggle to get things done.

The Essential Tools

The video highlights 10 essential tools that form the core of the Paperless Movement®’s productivity system. These tools include ClickUp, Evernote,, Superhuman, Arc, Miro, Todoist, Slack, Vimcal, and Sunsama. Each tool serves a specific purpose, and together they provide maximum efficiency in tackling daily work challenges.

The ICOR® Framework

Tom Solid explains the ICOR® framework, which guides the process of selecting and using these tools. The framework focuses on different areas that a Busy Professional has to tackle every day, including Personal Knowledge Management, Business Knowledge Management, Business Project Management, and Personal Project Management. The ICOR® framework helps to visualize the tools and differentiate between core apps and satellite apps, providing a clear understanding of how each tool fits into the overall productivity system.

ClickUp: The Business Hub

ClickUp is highlighted as the tool that holds the business together, serving as the single source of truth for Business Project and Business Knowledge Management. It’s the core app that integrates with other tools, and its removal would significantly impact the business.

Email Management with Superhuman

Superhuman is presented as the preferred tool for Email Management. It connects to Gmail and provides a faster and more efficient way to manage emails. The Paperless Movement® offers an Email Management Course that dives deep into setting up and leveraging Superhuman.

Personal Task Management with Sunsama and Todoist

Sunsama and Todoist are emphasized for Personal Task Management. Sunsama integrates with ClickUp and Todoist, allowing for a seamless scheduling of tasks on the calendar. Todoist is praised for its quick task creation on mobile devices.

Personal Knowledge Management with is the favorite tool for Personal Knowledge Management. It automatically connects notes and provides AI-powered suggestions, making it an efficient tool for Busy Professionals who need quick access to information.

Team Communication with Slack

Slack is used for Business Knowledge Management and team communication. It integrates with other tools like ClickUp and serves as a central notification hub.

Other Utility Tools

Other tools like Arc, Miro, and Apple Notes are also discussed, each serving specific purposes such as browsing, whiteboarding, and quick note-taking.

Join the Paperless Movement® Membership

The video concludes with an invitation to join the Paperless Movement® Membership, where Busy Professionals can access comprehensive courses on Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management. These courses are designed to help you reach the maximum level of productivity, tailored specifically for your needs.


The Paperless Movement® has crafted a robust toolkit of essential productivity tools, guided by the ICOR® framework. Whether you’re looking to enhance your Email Management, streamline your Task Management, or improve your overall productivity system, these tools offer a comprehensive solution. If you’re a Busy Professional seeking to unleash your full productivity potential, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership today.

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