THE No. 1 Productivity KILLER. 3 Steps How To Overcome It.

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In this video, Tom Solid discusses the number one productivity killer and explains how to overcome it through three steps. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between being productive and being busy, as well as the concepts of effectiveness and efficiency. Tom shares his experience as a productivity coach and offers practical advice on managing tasks, setting priorities, and establishing a single source of truth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the difference between being productive and being busy, and focus on achieving optimal results with the tasks you are doing.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency are crucial for true productivity, with effectiveness being a measure of completed tasks versus intended tasks, and efficiency being a measure of how well a task is performed with the least wasted resources.
  • Always block out your calendar with the tasks you have to do, as a calendar is finite and it helps manage workload better.
  • Set clear priorities to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that high-priority tasks are completed on time.
  • Define a single source of truth to eliminate duplicated information, reduce friction, and streamline task management. A tool like Todoist, which synchronizes with your calendar, can help achieve this.

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