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THE No. 1 Productivity KILLER. 3 Steps How To Overcome It.


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid explores the quest for the elusive all-in-one productivity app and explains why no single tool can fulfill all productivity needs. He emphasizes that the constant search for the perfect tool can actually hinder progress and that true productivity is not about being busy but about being effective and efficient.

The Misunderstanding of Productivity

Tom Solid highlights a common misconception that being productive means being busy. He argues that true productivity is about achieving optimal results with the tasks you are doing and being both effective and efficient with your time. He shares his personal experiences and insights as a productivity coach, helping individuals and businesses turn their workflow bottlenecks into highly effective work streams.

Effectiveness vs. Efficiency

Tom Solid delves into the differences between effectiveness and efficiency, two key components of productivity. Effectiveness is about comparing what you can get done with what you’ve actually accomplished, while efficiency is about doing more with less, minimizing wasted resources such as time, energy, and money. Understanding these concepts is essential for both personal workflow and Business Process Management.

Real-Life Example: Sally’s Task Management

Through the example of Sally, a team member struggling with her tasks, Tom Solid illustrates common challenges in Task Management. He shows how a lack of organization and prioritization can lead to failure in completing tasks. He emphasizes the importance of using a calendar to block out time for tasks and the need for clear communication between team members and managers.

Prioritization and Single Source of Truth

Tom Solid further explains the importance of setting priorities and understanding the impact of high-priority and urgent tasks. He introduces the concept of a “single source of truth,” where information is not duplicated in different places, thus reducing friction and increasing efficiency. He recommends using tools like Todoist, which offers two-way synchronization with calendars, to streamline Task Management.

Time Blocking and Task Automation

The video also covers the concept of time blocking, an automated approach that helps focus on specific projects or tasks. Tom Solid shares how tools like Todoist can be used for time boxing, preventing double bookings and overcommitment. He offers a comprehensive guide on time boxing and an Email Management Course to help Busy Professionals learn how to use Todoist efficiently.

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Tom Solid invites viewers to join the Paperless Movement® Membership, where they can access comprehensive courses about Note-Taking, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Task Management, and Project Management. These offerings are designed to teach productivity end-to-end, helping every struggling paperless pioneer become a highly effective digital pro. Sign up for the Paperless Movement® Membership and discover your true digital productivity potential.

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