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That moment when it clicked! ClickUp vs Asana & Notion

In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid delves into the transformative moment when the power of paperless productivity truly clicked for him. Drawing from his experience as a business analyst and leading IT teams, Tom shares his insights into project management tools and how they can be leveraged for maximum efficiency.

ClickUp vs. Asana

Tom begins by comparing two popular Project Management tools: ClickUp and Asana. While acknowledging Asana’s strengths, he emphasizes the flexibility and database structure of ClickUp, likening it to a combination of Notion and Asana. After using ClickUp for more than three years, Tom and his team have found it to be a more versatile tool that offers more features and customization.

Leveraging ClickUp’s Features

Tom then dives into a detailed demonstration of ClickUp’s features. He highlights the Activity View, where users can comment and interact with tasks. With the use of the slash command, users can enrich comments, interconnect the whole ClickUp database, and even embed files, images, and videos. Tom showcases how these features can be used to create a “living comment” that can be updated and interacted with in real-time.

Adding Files and Comments

One of the standout features Tom explores is the ability to add files, such as PDFs or images, directly into comments. He demonstrates how to add a banner image and even a magic slide from the ICOR® Mastery course. Users can also embed lists as tables, boards, or List views, providing a comprehensive view of tools and tasks.

Action Items and Timestamps

Tom also highlights ClickUp’s Action Items tab, which keeps track of open comments and action items, even allowing users to add comments to specific timestamps in videos. This feature offers a level of convenience and functionality not seen in other Project Management tools like Asana or Notion.


Tom concludes the video by expressing his excitement for the full release of ClickUp 3.0 and invites viewers to share their thoughts and experiences with ClickUp.

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