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Raven Scanners are out of business! Don’t buy second hand Raven scanners!


In a recent video, Tom Solid delivers some shocking news: Raven, a company known for its high-quality scanners, is going out of business. This news is particularly unsettling for those who have been long-time users of Raven products, including many members of the Paperless Movement® community. Tom dives deep into the unfolding situation, providing insights into the company’s sudden closure and what it means for current users.

The Unfolding Situation

Tom first became aware of Raven’s closure when he stumbled upon a comment on one of his previous interviews with Stefan Diasti, the former CEO of Raven. Further investigation revealed that the Raven website was no longer functional and that Stefan Diasti had moved on to another venture as far back as July 2022. Tom also found a Reddit post that shed light on Raven’s decision to shut down and lay off their staff.

What Happens to Existing Raven Scanners?

One of the most pressing concerns for users is the future functionality of their Raven scanners. Tom explains that the scanners with large touch screens are likely to be most affected. These devices rely on Raven’s cloud service, which is also shutting down. Without this service, features like OCR and cloud storage will no longer be available.

What’s Next?

The closure of Raven poses a significant challenge for Busy Professionals who rely on efficient Document Management. While Tom will be testing potential workarounds after Raven’s services shut down on December 31st, it’s clear that alternatives will need to be found.

Take Action

If you’re affected by this closure and are looking for robust solutions for Document Management, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership. Our comprehensive courses, such as Personal Knowledge Management like a Pro and Task Management like a Pro, offer end-to-end productivity systems that can help you navigate this challenging situation.

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