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New Heptabase Tabs update will change your Note-Taking and Deep Thinking workflows!


In a recent video, Tom Solid delves into the major updates rolled out for Heptabase, emphasizing how these changes significantly impact the user experience. The updates introduce new ways to organize tabs, create folders, and even sync across devices. These features not only streamline the user interface but also enhance the tool’s adaptability for various workflows.

Organizing Tabs Made Easy

One of the most awaited features is the ability to organize tabs on the side panel. Previously, users could only switch between tabs but had no control over their order. Now, you can easily drag and drop to rearrange them. This is particularly useful for Busy Professionals who need to switch between different tasks or projects quickly. If you’re struggling with Workflow Chaos, this feature can be a game-changer.

Pinning Tabs and Creating Folders

Another useful update is the option to pin tabs, making them easily accessible. You can also create folders to group related tabs together. While the feature to color-code folders is not yet available, the existing updates are already a significant improvement. For those of you who are into Personal Knowledge Management, this feature allows for better organization of your digital workspace.

Sync Across Devices

One of the most significant updates is the ability to sync tabs across different devices. This is especially useful for those who switch between desktop and mobile interfaces. The sync feature also introduces the concept of ‘tab groups,’ allowing users to create sub-workspaces within Heptabase. This is a revolutionary feature for those who use Heptabase for both personal and professional tasks.

Why This Matters for Busy Professionals

These updates make Heptabase more adaptable and user-friendly, particularly for Busy Professionals who need to manage multiple tasks and projects. The new features align well with the ICOR® stages, especially the CONTROL stage, which focuses on Personal Knowledge Management for organizing your digital life. If you’re looking to refine your workflow and toolset, these updates can be a significant step forward.

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