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Welcome to the future of productivity with ClickUp 3.0! In this video, Tom explores the most significant updates and features of the brand new ClickUp 3.0 UI/UX. If you’re itching for a complete deep dive, be sure to check out our in-depth exploration on our Paperless Movement membership or subscribe to our channel for the latest ClickUp updates.

  1. A Cleaner Sidebar and Interface
  2. The new sidebar in ClickUp 3.0 boasts a cleaner interface, with all the features you’re used to now located on the top right. From opening tasks and calendars to creating notes, reminders, and chats, you’ll love how streamlined the new layout is.
  3. Customizable Top Bar
  4. Customize your top bar by selecting which features you want to show. Click “More” for additional options, making it easy to set up your workspace according to your needs.
  5. Enhanced Search
  6. ClickUp 3.0’s new search feature has already been launched, allowing for quick and easy access to your tasks and projects.
  7. Improved List View
  8. The updated list view features a sleek progress bar and customizable list colors, making it easier to track your tasks and prioritize your goals.
  9. Revamped Home View
  10. The new Home 3.0 provides a cleaner and more structured view, allowing you to better organize your tasks and projects.
  11. New Inbox 3.0
  12. The new inbox consolidates notifications and activities, allowing you to mark items as read or clear them with ease. It also provides a convenient sidebar for task-related information.
  13. Favorites Bar and Tray
  14. The favorites bar and tray have been redesigned for easy access and better organization. Pin your favorites to the top or unpin them to have a dropdown menu in the sidebar.
    Conclusion: ClickUp 3.0 offers a cleaner and more efficient user interface, making it easier than ever to stay productive and organized. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore the exciting new features of ClickUp 3.0!

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