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Is there a comeback for Evernote as a THE Mem alternative?


In a recent video, Tom Solid delves into the latest updates to Evernote, highlighting its new AI search feature and other improvements. The video explores how Evernote is making a comeback by adding features that could potentially make it a strong competitor in the realm of Personal Knowledge Management and document storage.

Evernote’s New AI Search Feature

Evernote has introduced a new AI search feature that allows users to find notes without searching for exact words. This means you can use synonyms, context, or even other languages to find relevant information. This feature is particularly useful for Busy Professionals who need to quickly locate specific notes or documents without remembering the exact wording. If you’re interested in learning how to manage your knowledge more effectively, our Personal Knowledge Management like a Pro Course can help you master these skills.

Document Storage and Scanning

Tom Solid also discusses how Evernote has been a go-to for document storage in the past. It’s easy to connect Evernote to document scanners like Raven scanner, making it a convenient option for storing scanned documents. This feature complements Evernote’s already robust search engine, making it a strong contender for those looking to streamline their document management. For those who want to take their document management to the next level, our Digital Note-Taking like a Pro Course is a great resource.

Speed and User Experience

Another point Tom Solid makes is the increased speed of Evernote. The application now opens faster and finds notes more quickly, enhancing the overall user experience. This is crucial for Busy Professionals who don’t have time to wait around for slow-loading apps.

Integration and Future Potential

Evernote still offers a variety of third-party integrations and features that other platforms have removed, such as calendar integration and task inboxes. These features make Evernote a tool worth keeping an eye on, especially as it continues to evolve and add more functionalities.

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