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Inbox: Closing the Gap in Heptabase’s Information Flow


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid brought up a crucial element missing from Heptabase— the Inbox feature. This got us at the Paperless Movement® thinking deeply about the transformative potential an Inbox could have on Heptabase and, by extension, on your workflow. Let’s delve into why this feature is so important and how it could be implemented to make Heptabase a more productive environment for all of us busy professionals.

Why the Fuss About an Inbox?

The concept of an Inbox is not new, but it is foundational to effective Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). An Inbox serves as a temporary repository for new information, allowing for a momentary pause in your busy workflow. This is especially crucial in a platform like Heptabase, designed to help you manage your thoughts and ideas.

For those of us immersed in the ICOR® methodology through our Paperless Movement® Membership, an Inbox also acts as a temporary Single Source of Truth. This concept is core to our ICOR® stages, making it easier to sort new information before it finds its rightful place in your PKM system. In a nutshell, an Inbox is essential for reducing work chaos and stress.

How Could an Inbox Work in Heptabase?

Imagine a Heptabase Inbox as a catch-all for new thoughts, Readwise highlights, images, and more. We envision it as an improved version of the Card Library, one that’s time-sensitive, allowing for easier sorting and management. This feature would be especially crucial for the Heptabase mobile app, facilitating the seamless capturing of ideas and information on the go.

Suggestions for Implementing the Inbox

Here are some thoughts on what an effective Heptabase Inbox might look like:

  1. Easy Delegation of Inbox Items: A simple right-click should offer options to send the item to a Whiteboard or a specific section within a Whiteboard.

  2. Side Panel Accessibility: The Inbox could sit in the right-side panel for easy access and drag-and-drop functionality while working on a Whiteboard.

  3. Visual Indicators for New Items: Freshly captured cards in the Inbox could have visual markers, like a glowing border, to indicate their new status.

Merging the Card Library with the Inbox could streamline the experience, ensuring that it aligns well with what Heptabase is all about. We should also consider integrating the Highlights meta app with this newly envisioned Card Library/Inbox feature.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

If you’re looking to master not just the Inbox but a whole slew of productivity tools and techniques, we invite you to explore our comprehensive courses like Digital Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management. All of these courses are available as part of our Paperless Movement® Membership, offering you a holistic view of managing your work life effectively.

We are all in this together, shaping the future of platforms like Heptabase to better serve our needs. Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable, so please do share your insights. Let’s continue to refine our workflows and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Until next time, let’s ICOR®!

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