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How we use New Custom Task Types in ClickUp 3.0


In a recent video, Tom Solid delves into the new feature of ClickUp: Custom Task Types. This feature has been eagerly awaited by many, as it promises to transform task lists into more versatile databases. While the feature is still in its nascent stage, it already offers some intriguing possibilities for Busy Professionals looking to streamline their workflow.

Custom Task Types: A First Look

ClickUp’s new feature allows users to create custom task types, which can be assigned to tasks within a list. Initially, you’ll find two default types: the standard task and the milestone. However, the customization options are currently limited to selecting an icon and providing a description. The feature is still in beta, and more functionalities are expected to be added over time.

Practical Application in the Paperless Movement®

Within the Paperless Movement® team, this feature has been integrated into various work streams, such as Deep Dive Creation, Weekly AMA Sessions, and Article Creation. Different icons are assigned to these custom task types, making it easier to identify the nature of each task at a glance. This is particularly useful when viewing tasks at the top level, where multiple tasks from different folders are displayed.

Synergy with Existing Productivity Systems

The new feature aligns well with the ICOR® methodology taught in the Paperless Movement® Membership. It complements existing courses like Project Management like a Pro Course and Task Management like a Pro Course, enhancing the overall productivity system.

What’s Next?

While the feature is still in its early stages, it already offers value by providing a quick overview of tasks. The Paperless Movement® team is closely following its development and will keep its community updated. Tom Solid also hinted at a future “ClickUp like a Pro” course, which will delve deeper into leveraging ClickUp for maximum productivity.

If you’re a Busy Professional looking to take your productivity to the next level, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership. It offers end-to-end productivity courses that can help you become a highly effective digital pro.

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