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How to find the Best Note-Taking Apps using the ICOR® Note-Taking Framework


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid introduces a new framework for note-taking called the ICOR® Note-Taking Framework. This framework is designed to help Busy Professionals understand the different note-taking tools and the combination of tools needed to build a highly efficient Personal Knowledge Management System. The video also highlights the upcoming Digital Note-Taking Course, which will include this new framework.

ICOR® Note-Taking Framework

The ICOR® Note-Taking Framework is a visual guide that allows individuals to lay out their tools and get a bird’s eye view of their productivity system. It consists of six areas that represent different workflows, each focusing on a specific aspect of note-taking. The framework is designed to be pragmatic and easy to use, allowing users to quickly lay out their tools and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Analyzing Tools with the Framework

Tom Solid demonstrates how to use the framework by analyzing popular note-taking tools like Apple Notes, Notion, and Heptabase. He places each tool in different sections of the framework, such as “Jot Things Down,” “Develop Thinking,” “Closest to Paper Experience,” “Writing Connecting Information,” “Notes on Third-Party Content,” and “Goes Beyond.”
For example, Apple Notes is placed on the very outside for jotting things down, indicating that it’s excellent for quick note-taking. However, it’s not considered good for developing thinking, as it lacks features like cross connections and visual whiteboards.
Notion, on the other hand, is strong in linking information and goes way beyond being a simple note-taking tool, as it can also be used for Project Management. Heptabase shines in developing deep thinking and cross-linking but lacks a paper-like feeling and doesn’t go beyond its primary function.

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The ICOR® Note-Taking Framework is a valuable tool for Busy Professionals looking to understand and optimize their note-taking tools. By analyzing and comparing different tools, individuals can create a tailored system that meets their specific needs. Whether you’re a seasoned note-taker or just starting, the upcoming Digital Note-Taking Course, featuring this framework, offers a comprehensive guide to mastering note-taking, Personal Knowledge Management, Task Management, and Project Management. Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll in the Digital Note-Taking Course and take your productivity to the next level.

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