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How to Convert Handwritten Notes To Digital Notes


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid explores the fascinating world of converting handwritten notes into typed text. Whether you’re using handwriting note-taking apps or traditional paper, this video provides solutions to make your notes editable and easily transferable to various platforms like emails or Evernote. Let’s delve into the different aspects covered in the video.

Handwriting Note-Taking Apps and Scribble Feature

Tom Solid begins by highlighting the convenience of handwriting note-taking apps like Apple Notes, Notability, GoodNotes, Noteshelf, and Nebo. These apps allow users to write down their notes and effortlessly convert them into text. Additionally, the new Scribble feature on the iPad enables users to write directly into text fields using an Apple Pencil, enhancing the overall user experience.

Converting Paper Handwritten Notes

The video also addresses the challenge of converting handwritten notes on paper into typed text. While there are many applications available for scanning typed text, handwritten text conversion can be more complex. Tom Solid tests various applications, such as Mobile Scanner, Scanner Pro, Text Grab, and Pen to Print, but finds that most of them fall short in accurately recognizing handwritten text.

Google Docs Solution

A straightforward solution presented in the video involves using Google Docs. By taking a picture of the handwritten note and loading it to Google Drive, users can open the image with Google Docs, where the text appears below the image. Tools like Grammarly can further assist in spotting and correcting mistakes.

Rocketbook: The Great Solution

The video introduces Rocketbook as an innovative solution for converting handwritten notes into searchable text. Rocketbook allows users to write on paper with a QR code, scan it with the Rocketbook application, and convert it into searchable text that can be forwarded to various locations like Evernote, email, or Slack.
Tom Solid even demonstrates how to leverage the power of Rocketbook by scanning regular paper notes using a custom code. He creatively uses a cut-out Rocketbook paper to scan normal paper, making the process efficient and accurate.

reMarkable Solution

The video also presents a solution for reMarkable users who might be dissatisfied with the handwriting to text conversion subscription. By using the Rocketbook frame, users can scan their notes on reMarkable and convert them easily. Tom Solid showcases a workflow optimization tool that ensures the perfect distance for scanning notes, making the process even more streamlined.


Tom Solid’s video is a comprehensive guide for Busy Professionals looking to convert handwritten notes into typed text. Whether using digital tools or traditional paper, the solutions provided are innovative and practical. If you want to delve deeper into leveraging your digital world, consider joining the Paperless Movement® Membership that offers comprehensive courses on Note-Taking, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Task Management, and Project Management.

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