How to Convert Handwritten Notes To Digital Notes

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In this video, Tom Solid demonstrates how to convert handwritten notes into digital text for easier editing, sharing, and organization. He highlights the limitations of some popular scanning apps and offers an effective solution using Google Docs and Rocketbook. By utilizing Rocketbook’s technology, users can easily convert their handwritten notes from paper or a Remarkable device into digital text, which can then be sent to various destinations like Google Drive or Evernote.

Key takeaways:

  • Converting handwritten notes into digital text makes them editable and easier to share.
  • Many scanning apps focus on typed text and struggle to recognize handwriting accurately.
  • Google Docs can be used to convert a scanned image of handwriting into text, although it might be cumbersome.
  • Rocketbook offers a better solution, as its app can recognize handwriting, bullet points, and other elements.
  • By using Rocketbook’s QR code on any paper or a Remarkable device, users can leverage the app’s handwriting recognition and conversion capabilities.

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