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How To Avoid Scattered Information And Get Organized


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid addresses the common problem of scattered information that many Busy Professionals face. He introduces the ICOR® framework, focusing on its first two stages, Input and Control, to help viewers manage their information and tasks more efficiently. The video emphasizes the importance of having a single source of truth for different types of information and provides actionable insights to overcome the chaos of scattered information.

The Concept of a Single Source of Truth

Tom Solid introduces the concept of a single source of truth, explaining that it’s the final destination for your information. It’s a place where you can easily go back and recover information for future use. He likens it to storing an object in the same place consistently so that you never lose it.
However, he warns against trying to have one single source of truth for everything, as it creates chaos. Instead, he suggests using different apps for different purposes, just as you would use different shelves for different items in your closet. This approach ensures that you can intuitively find what you’re looking for without stress or frustration.

ICOR’s First Two Stages: Input and Control


The first stage of ICOR® is Input. This stage focuses on moving information from the outside world into your world. Tom Solid emphasizes three key questions to ask yourself when capturing information:

  1. What type of information is this?
  2. Where should I store it to retrieve it using my intuition?
  3. How do I take care of my future self?
    By focusing on these questions, you can create an efficient and high-performing system that operates on autopilot.


    The second stage, Control, is about deciding what to do with the information you’ve captured. Sometimes, information may be unclear or require more thought. In these cases, Tom Solid recommends storing the information in a well-defined inbox to process later.
    Control gives you the ability to think about what to do with your captured information, whether it’s a combination of actions and thoughts or something that requires more understanding. By following this stage, you’ll know exactly where to store your information, making retrieval a breeze.

    Taking Action with Scattered Information

    Tom Solid encourages viewers to take action with their scattered information by defining single sources of truth and thinking of their future selves when storing captured information. By following his recommendations, information will no longer be scattered, and retrieval will become a piece of cake.


    Tom Solid’s video offers valuable insights and practical solutions for Busy Professionals struggling with scattered information. By understanding the concept of a single source of truth and implementing the first two stages of ICOR®, Input and Control, you can create an intuitive and efficient system for Information Management, Task Management, and more.
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