How To Avoid Scattered Information And Get Organized

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In this video, Tom Solid discusses how to avoid scattered information and get organized using ICOR®. Tom emphasizes the importance of having a Single Source of Truth, which is a final destination for all information, to easily retrieve it later. Tom also suggests using specific apps for different types of information, such as a reminder app for reminders, a calendar app for events, and a task management app for tasks. ICOR® consists of four stages: INPUT, CONTROL, OUTPUT, and REFINE. The INPUT stage focuses on moving information from the outside world into your world and involves asking three questions: what type of information is this, where should I store it to retrieve it intuitively, and how do I take care of my future self. The CONTROL stage focuses on deciding what to do with the captured information and provides a pause to think about it. The video suggests creating well-defined inboxes to process information later on. Finally, the video recommends following these recommendations to have organized and easily retrievable information.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Having a single source of truth for information is essential to easily retrieve it later.
  2. Use specific apps for different types of information to make retrieval more intuitive.
  3. The iCor framework consists of four stages: input, control, output, and fine-tuning.
  4. The input stage involves asking three questions to ensure information is captured correctly.
  5. The control stage provides a pause to decide what to do with the captured information.

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