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Dynamic Goals Management in ClickUp 3.0


In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, Tom Solid introduces viewers to the methods and tools used to manage goals within the organization. He also explains how members can set up their goal system using ClickUp, emphasizing the platform’s ability to interconnect everything and automate goal updates.

ClickUp for Goals Management

Tom Solid demonstrates how ClickUp can be utilized for goals management within the Paperless Movement®. He highlights the platform’s ability to interconnect various tasks and lists, allowing for a dynamic and automated approach to tracking and updating goals. This feature eliminates the need for manual updates, providing a more efficient and streamlined process.

Launch of New Website and Courses

Tom Solid shares the recent launch of the Paperless Movement® website 5.0, a complete rebrand and redesign. He also discusses the release of the Productivity Pillar Courses, including the Email Management Course, which aims to help Busy Professionals achieve inbox zero daily.

Upcoming Courses

The video also reveals the upcoming courses that the Paperless Movement® is working on. These include the Digital Note-Taking Course, which covers everything from meeting notes to Personal Knowledge Management and Business Knowledge Management. Later in the year, the Task Management Course and the Project Management Course will be launched, diving deep into the micromanagement of daily work and project management using ClickUp.

Dynamic Goal Setting

Tom Solid explains the dynamic nature of goal setting within the Paperless Movement®. He emphasizes the flexibility in re-prioritizing goals and the ability to easily track progress through ClickUp. The interconnected system allows for a bird’s eye view of all goals and tasks, aiding in decision-making and ensuring alignment with organizational priorities.

Exclusive Offers for Members

The video also highlights exclusive offers available to Paperless Movement® members, including a 30% discount for ClickUp. Tom Solid invites viewers to join the Paperless Movement® Membership to access comprehensive courses on Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management. Sign up for the Paperless Movement® Membership to take advantage of these offers and become part of a community dedicated to helping Busy Professionals enhance their productivity.


Tom Solid’s video provides valuable insights into the goal management practices of the Paperless Movement® and offers practical guidance on using ClickUp for goal tracking and automation. With the launch of new courses and the continuous commitment to supporting Busy Professionals in their productivity journey, the Paperless Movement® continues to be a leading resource in the field. Join the Paperless Movement® Membership today to unlock exclusive content, discounts, and a community focused on your success.

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