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Building a Life Management System in Heptabase

In a recent video by the Paperless Movement®, the co-founder Paco Cantero provides a sneak peek into the development of the upcoming Heptabase course. Designed specifically for Busy Professionals, this course is set to elevate life management to new heights. Let’s dive into the details!

Heptabase Course Overview

The Heptabase course is a unique system brewed by Paco, a man of many talents and owner of three other businesses. The Paperless Movement® has been refining this extraordinary system to perfection, and it’s almost ready for you!

A Backstage Pass to Development

In the video, viewers are treated to a backstage pass to the Paperless Movement®. Paco shares his mental model that synthesizes all aspects of life, including habits, Plan Focus attention, Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), relationships, and decision-making. This mental model is a key part of the self-development area that will be launched soon.

The Five Plus One Mental Model

Paco’s mental model, known as “five plus one,” represents the essential pillars of life. These include decisions, relationships, information consumption, actions, focus, habits, and emotions. This model emphasizes the importance of handling emotions, as they affect all other elements.

The Importance of Systems

Paco stresses the need for systems in life, comparing them to the natural world. He argues that everything should be converted into a habit, something that can run on autopilot. This approach leads to a productivity system, a life operating system, and a business operating system. It’s about copying and pasting nature into our lives, working effortlessly like the universe.

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