Todoist is a task management/organization app to track & prioritize to-do lists/projects. Create/organize tasks, set due dates & reminders, collaborate w/ team members. Accessible on iOS, Android & web w/ integration for Google Calendar/Slack. Free & paid plans available.


Miro is a digital whiteboard & collaboration platform. Create visual diagrams/mind maps, collaborate in real-time & embed multimedia content. Add comments & annotations, track changes & version history. Accessible on iOS, Android, web & integrates with Google Drive/ClickUp. Used by designers, marketers & product managers to visualize & organize ideas/projects.


MeisterTask is a collaborative task management tool. Features customizable Kanban-style boards to visualize progress & prioritize tasks. Create, assign & discuss tasks with team members, set deadlines & priorities. Intuitive & easy to use for teams of all sizes & industries. Integrates with other productivity tools.


Mem is a note-taking app with features similar to Roam Research & Obsidian. Link notes, integrate calendar, create templates, view in timeline, save to inbox & quickly copy/paste mems. AI-powered features automatically connect notes & create new content from existing ones. Makes tracking & use of notes easier than ever.


Evernote is a cloud-based productivity app that captures & organizes notes, ideas & tasks. Offers versatile note-taking, creating notebooks, and syncing across devices. Integrates w/ other apps & services to streamline workflow & increase productivity. Available on the web, Mac & Windows.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes is the ultimate note-taking app for Apple devices. Create and organize notes with text, images and attachments. Easily find them by folder or tags, plus scan documents with a tap. Sync across devices and access your notes anytime, anywhere. Perfect for students, professionals and anyone needing to keep track of important info.


Walling is the perfect app for capturing and organizing your daily ideas, notes, tasks, and more. Its a visual space where you can store your bookmarks, inspiration images, highlights from books, and any other online or offline discoveries you want to save. Use Walling to stay organized and keep track of your daily notes and […]


WorkFlowy is a productivity/organization tool to plan, organize & track work. Create & organize lists of tasks, ideas, notes. Supports tags, links, nested lists & more. Accessible on iOS, Android & web w/ integration for Evernote/Google Calendar. Intuitive interface.

Supernotes 3

Supernotes is an innovative note-taking app designed to revolutionize the way users capture, organize, and collaborate on information. With its unique card-based system, Supernotes promotes concise, digestible summaries while offering seamless navigation across topics. Boasting a minimalist interface and powerful search capabilities, the app streamlines content discovery, helping users stay focused and productive. Additionally, the […]


Reflect is a cutting-edge note-taking app designed to optimize productivity and learning for users. With its intuitive interface and intelligent organization system, Reflect streamlines the note-taking process, catering to various learning styles. Users can create text, audio, and visual notes, effortlessly syncing them across multiple devices. The app’s advanced search feature enables quick access to […]

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