Make is a platform that allows users to create and automate various projects, including tasks, workflows, apps, and systems, without needing coding skills. It is the leading platform of its kind for visual design.


Coda is a document & project mgmt platform – create, collaborate & organize documents w/ templates & tools. Integrates w/ Google Drive, Slack & more. Also includes features for task mgmt, team collaboration and communication: the ultimate tool for productivity and organization. Available on iOS, Android & web!


Obsidian is a feature-rich note-taking and organization app that enables users to create & organize notes with various formatting, link & tag notes together, and view/navigate notes in different ways. Search & filter notes by content/metadata on Windows, Mac, iOS, iPadOS & Linux platforms for powerful note-linking & organization capabilities.

Roam Research

Roam Research helps you structure your notes and research in a powerful, intuitive way. Harness the power of linked notes to create rich networks of ideas, organize your information into outlines and graphs, uncover connections between topics, quickly access related information with powerful search capabilities, and collaborate with teams in real time. Roam Research is […]

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