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Arc Browser, developed by the Browser Company, offers a privacy-focused alternative to Chrome. With a team of experts from Instagram, Google Chrome, Snap, Slack, and Pinterest, Arc promises a user experience focused on organization and control. Running on the same Chromium engine as Chrome, it offers familiar features such as history, autofill, and extension support but does not track user activity or sell data to third parties. The browser boasts a unique design with a left sidebar for navigation, customizable spaces, and creative features like easels and boosts. Currently invite-only, Arc is primarily available for Mac users.

Latest Arc Browser News

  • Arc Browser now available on iPhone

    Arc, the innovative browser known for its sidebar feature, has launched a mobile app for iPhones. This app, focuses on bringing users' Arc sidebars to their mobile phones rather than serving as a full-fledged mobile browser. The app is currently available on iOS for users with an existing Arc Account. It allows users to access their Arc spaces and bookmarks, but lacks many features of a traditional mobile browser. The Browser Company, which created Arc, intends to eventually replace users' default browsers with their app and build their "internet computer" vision into a mobile app. The Arc mobile app also serves as a launcher for other apps on the user's phone, furthering the company's vision of creating an "operating system for the internet."

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