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Productivity End-to-End with ICOR® Journey


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In a recent episode of the “Productivity Like a Pro” podcast, hosted by Tom Solid and Paco Cantero, co-founders of the Paperless Movement®, the duo introduced the ICOR® journey and its significance in the realm of productivity. This journey, encompassing the stages of Input, Control, Output, and Refine, is integral to establishing a comprehensive productivity system, especially for busy professionals seeking efficiency and organization in their workflows.

Introduction and Welcome

The episode marks the beginning of a new era for the podcast, now aligned with the Leica Pro series courses within the Paperless Movement® Membership. The focus is squarely on the ICOR® journey, designed to assist busy professionals in developing their own end-to-end productivity systems.

Understanding the ICOR® Journey

Tom and Paco delve into the genesis of the ICOR® journey, blending their individual insights and experiences in productivity to create a pragmatic and efficient approach. This journey transcends traditional frameworks, focusing on busy professionals who lack the time to establish and manage complex systems.

The Importance of a Productivity System

Discussing the crucial role of information in productivity, they emphasize transforming information into actionable outcomes. This addresses the gap in existing methodologies that focus heavily on information storage without providing clear pathways for action.

The Creation of the ICOR® Mastery Course

The ICOR® Mastery Course, a comprehensive and all-encompassing program, is highlighted. It spans capturing information to taking action and achieving goals. Despite its breadth and depth, the course remains accessible and manageable for busy professionals.

The Evolution of the ICOR® Journey

Tom and Paco reflect on the evolution of the ICOR® journey, aiming to provide more specific, in-depth content without overwhelming the learners. This led to the division of the course into distinct segments, each representing different ICOR® stages.

The Role of Information in Productivity

A key aspect discussed is the transformation of information into action. They explore how the ICOR® framework assists in making informed decisions about information utilization, whether for deepening knowledge or initiating action.

The ICOR® Framework Explained

The ICOR® Framework, a cornerstone of their methodology, is explained. It encompasses Personal Project Management (PPM), Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Business Project Management (BPM), and Business Knowledge Management (BKM), offering a holistic view of productivity tools and systems.

The ICOR® Journey: From Note Taking to Task Management

The journey through various ICOR® stages is outlined, starting with digital note-taking and advancing through personal knowledge management, task management, and project management. Each stage builds upon the previous, culminating in a cohesive and comprehensive productivity system.

The ICOR® Journey: The Final Steps and Support

The journey concludes with the Automation Like a Pro course, part of the Refine stage of ICOR®, focusing on optimizing and polishing productivity systems. The journey is not just about learning but also about applying these concepts in real-world scenarios, supported by tools like ClickUp.

Tom and Paco invite busy professionals to join the Paperless Movement® Membership, which offers in-depth courses on Note-Taking, PKM, Task Management, and Project Management, all designed to enhance productivity from start to finish. For more information and to join the community, visit Paperless Movement® Membership.

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