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How Daily Routines boost Productivity as a Busy Professional


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In a recent episode of Productivity Like a Pro, Tom Solid and co-founder Paco Cantero delve into the significance of routines in boosting productivity. This episode unpacks the essence of routines, differentiates them from tasks, and explores how they integrate into personal systems for effective time management.

Understanding the Importance of Routines

Tom and Paco highlight the synergy between productivity systems and routines. Routines, viewed as a sequence of tasks, provide structure and ensure no critical task is overlooked. This approach aligns with the ICOR® journey, emphasizing routines in task and project management.

Differentiating Between Routines and Tasks

A key distinction made in the episode is between routines and recurring tasks. While routines comprise daily activities like morning and afternoon routines, tasks are more specific, singular actions. Tom and Paco use morning and afternoon routines in their workflow at the Paperless Movement®.

The Role of Systems in Establishing Routines

Paco explains the concept of viewing oneself as a system to better understand the role of routines. Routines are more than a list of tasks; they represent a structured approach to managing time and responsibilities, helping to operate on autopilot and focus on essential tasks without constant reminders.

The Execution of Morning Routine

Paco shares his personal morning routine, which includes 12 tasks ranging from professional check-ins to personal messages. The importance of aligning tasks with energy levels is emphasized, ensuring that the most demanding tasks are tackled when one is most alert.

The Execution of Afternoon Routine

In contrast, the afternoon routine focuses more on executing tasks and managing emails. Paco explains how this routine helps in achieving ‘Inbox Zero’ and ensures that no team member’s time is wasted waiting for responses.

The Challenges of End of the Day Routine

While both hosts acknowledge the benefits of an end-of-the-day routine, they also recognize its challenges, especially due to depleted energy levels by the evening.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The episode concludes with an encouragement for listeners to embrace routines for better control and flexibility in their daily lives. Tom invites listeners to join the Paperless Movement® community for more insights into productivity systems, including detailed courses on Email Management, Task Management, and Project Management available at Email Management Course. For those looking to deepen their understanding and implementation of these productivity strategies, consider signing up for the Paperless Movement® Membership here.

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