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Finding the Perfect Productivity Tool Stack for Busy Professionals


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In a recent podcast episode of “Productivity like a Pro,” Tom Solid and Paco Cantero from the Paperless Movement® engaged in a detailed discussion about Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) and project planning using tools like Heptabase and Goalscape.

Simplifying Planning with Heptabase

Tom highlighted the concept of “MyLife” within the Heptabase platform. He shared his approach to planning, favoring a whiteboard for each year to collect significant events, rather than a detailed daily calendar. This method aligns with the broader theme of reducing friction in planning and maintaining a clear overview.

Balancing Visual and Textual Tools

Paco emphasized Heptabase’s role as a predominantly text-based tool, contrasting it with more visually-oriented tools like Miro. He argued for the importance of choosing the right tool for the right purpose, advising against forcing a tool to function outside its designed capacity.

Goal Setting and the ICOR® Framework

The conversation also touched on the ICOR® framework’s role in establishing an effective tool stack for goal setting and project management. Both Tom and Paco underscored the significance of identifying single sources of truth for different types of content, whether it’s for tasks, projects, or goals. This approach ensures clarity and efficiency in managing personal and professional objectives.

A Case Study: Transitioning Goals from Heptabase to Goalscape

Paco shared his journey of transitioning goal management from Heptabase to Goalscape. He explained how Goalscape’s specialized features for visualizing goals offered a more suitable environment for this purpose, further illustrating the need to select tools that align closely with specific needs.

Understanding Your Tool Stack

The episode concluded with an emphasis on understanding and curating one’s productivity tool stack. Tom and Paco encouraged listeners to engage with tools thoughtfully and to recognize the value in sometimes maintaining different tools for different purposes.

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