Partner Deep Dive Guide

What is a Partner Deep Dive?

A Partner Deep Dive is a 15-60 min video introduction of your Tool or Service to our Paperless Movement® audience. The Deep Dive will be created by our potential Partners as part of the verification process to become an officially verified Paperless Movement® Partner. Once verified, your Deep Dive video(s) will be published in full length inside our Paperless Movement® Membership and 3-9 min parts will also be published on our YouTube channel, and <1 min snippets, if applicable, are published on Linkedin and Twitter.


Pursuant to entering into an agreement with Paperless Movement® as a Verified Partner Tool Company or Expert, you hereby covenant and agree to produce an exclusive Deep Dive Video for the Paperless Movement® Membership's private community. By providing a Deep Dive video, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the reproduction, distribution, or dissemination of the content or any portion thereof, in its original form as provided to Paperless Movement®, is strictly prohibited. Paperless Movement® shall retain the exclusive and unrestricted right to distribute, reproduce, and disseminate the Deep Dive Videos or any portions thereof, at its sole discretion. Your participation as a Verified Partner Tool Company or Expert signifies your understanding of and compliance with these terms and conditions.

How to structure your Deep Dive

What you should focus on

Keep in mind that our audience is Business Professionals working in corporate or owning a business. They are not students or knowledge workers and they don’t have time to learn complex tools. Please plan your content accordingly and keep it easy to understand and to the point. If possible, give answers to one or more of the following questions:
  • How can I save time finding information by using this tool/service?
  • How can I save time capturing information by using this tool/service?
  • How can I avoid scattered information using several tools? Can it replace others?
  • How to avoid app overload and reduce my overall tool stack instead of adding a new tool?
  • How can I connect this tool with my existing tool stack?
  • How can I get more done with this tool over using other tools
  • Is this tool for my personal or business work (Micor vs Macro Management)?
  • Is this tool for Project / Task Management, Time Management, Knowledge Management or all?
Those are just ideas to give you a direction of how our audience thinks and what they are looking for.

Recommended Deep Dive Structure

The ultimate goal of your Deep Dive is to provide value to our Paperless Movement® Membership members by showing a comprehensive walkthrough and unique insights into your tool or service.

At the same time, we want to share parts of the Deep Dive with as many non-members as possible to give your tool or service a higher exposure and increase the value of our free content.

For this reason, we figured out that the following is the best structure that you can use to create a Deep Dive that follows our high Membership Content Quality Standards but also makes it easy to distribute across external platforms:

  • [Required] Introduction <1min
    In this chapter, please emphasize the exclusivity of your video to the Paperless Movement® Members and what you are about to show in this video.


  • [Optional] Mention a Member exclusive Tool Discount inside the Paperless Movement® Membership


  • [Required] Chapter 1: Tool/Service Overview <3 min
      • What is this tool all about?
      • Why was it developed (what problem for business professionals is it solving)?
      • What is it that makes it stand out compared to alternative tools/services?


  • [Required] Chapter 2-X: Tool Features 1-5 min each
      In those chapters you go through the most exciting features your tool/service has to offer. Always keep in mind, that we’ll pick some or even all of those Chapters to distribute them as individual videos on YouTube. So best is to create feature chapters with potential Youtube video titles in mind. e.g.
      • How you can do X in Tool Y.
      • 5 Secrets about Tool Y you didn’t know!
      • 3 Hacks that will change the way you work with Tool Y
      • 3 Reasons that makes Tool Y better than Tool Z
      • 4 Reasons that makes Tool Y the best Note-Taking App / Task Management App etc.


  • [Required] Outro < 1min
    Tell our members where they can find more information or get in touch with you or your team

Do NOT...

DO NOT show links inside your video. These might get dated, and we will not be able to change the video after it is published. All relevant links will be posted and updated inside your Partner Deep Dive Post.

Video Format

Your Deep Dive video needs to be in 16:9 Ratio and at least 1080p (FULL HD).

IMPORTANT- Provide Chapters with Time Stamps

Please provide Chapter Titles with Time Stamps for the different chapters in your deep dives. These chapters will be added to your Deep Dive within the membership for easier navigation and searchability. Additionally, this will greatly aid in identifying snippets that can be distributed on our YouTube channel.

Deep Dive Post Content

Above your Deep Dive video, we’ll post your written introduction. This text helps our members to
  • Find the Deep Dive if they use text search inside the membership.
  • Give our members an idea what to expect when watching the Deep Dive
  • Additional Links that will point our members to external sources.

General Structure of Deep Dive Posts

  • Tool/Service Introduction
  • Deep Dive Video
  • External inks to tool/service website

Ideas on how to structure the Deep Dive Post

  • Start by greeting the Paperless Movement® members
  • Explain the problem you believe the Paperless Movement® community might be facing (all busy professionals)
  • Introduction of your solution to that problem / Agenda of the Tool/Method Deep Dive you are an expert in
  • Provide a download link for the video so that I can add it to the Partner Expert Video Library

What happens next?

As soon you finish your Deep Dive video creation, please provide the video file via a Cloud Service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive etc) for us to Download and review.

If the video matches our quality standards, we’ll upload it to our Vimeo or Wistia platform and prepare your dedicated Deep Dive Post inside our membership. If you opted into our Deep Dive DIY incl. YouTube Distribution Service, we’ll start creating and scheduling dedicated Videos for our YouTube Channel.

If we accepted your Deep Dive video this also means you passed our verification process, unlocking additional benefits:

  • Free Access to our Membership
    • Self-Promotion is only allowed within the Partner Expert section.
    • Promoting Products in spaces other than your Deep Dive Post(s) will lead to the deletion of the post and account deactivation. (Exceptions might be possible if agreed with Team Paperless Movement® before posting)
  • DM is deactivated for Partner Experts, and engagement can only occur on posts or via comments accessible by Paperless Movement® Members.

Partner Deep Dive Examples

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Paperless Movement® Deep Dive Examples

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